Lately I’ve had many interests when it comes to the fitness world– the main ones being muscle building, BodyPump teaching, and distance running (as always). However, these interests are kind of in opposition to each other. After all, I’ve never seen an elite marathoner compete as a bodybuilder.
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Will is Back in the Game!!!

I’m baaaaccckkk. After a whole month of **NO running**, I finally laced up my running shoes again and went for a nice four miler yesterday. (**Okay I admit it, I may have cheated a couple of times. I did jog a lap or two at the gym here and there. I just couldn’t help myself!!!!**) I’m feeling nice and refreshed, and ready for another year of strong running!

Will’s awesome running photography skills.

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My Favorite Time of the Day

Unlike many people, I am SUCH a morning person. I get really weird looks when I tell people that I set my alarm for 5:00am every day. The thought of getting up before noon on a summer day does not settle well with many teenagers. Well, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am in complete contrast to the average teenager (after all, what teen would even think about becoming a group fitness instructor?!) To me, life before the sun rises is just perfect.
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Belated National Running Day Post

It’s official, I’ve made it four days without running and I haven’t lost my mind. I’m getting there, but it hasn’t happened yet 🙂 The soreness from Sunday is fading away, and it’s actually making me a little upset! I know, weird, but every time I struggle up the stairs, I’m reminded of the awesome 13.1 miles I ran.

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