My First Glimpse of Being a BodyPump Instructor

Yesterday was my first glimpse of being an actual BodyPump instructor! I got the chance to team teach during two classes. It was sooo weird to be up on the stage during an actual class, but I felt confident and natural! Not to mention, it was loads of fun. I really believe I was meant for this!

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Lately I’ve had many interests when it comes to the fitness world– the main ones being muscle building, BodyPump teaching, and distance running (as always). However, these interests are kind of in opposition to each other. After all, I’ve never seen an elite marathoner compete as a bodybuilder.
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Introducing Some Heavy Lifting

I’ve been VERY consistent with my workouts lately. My schedule has consisted of a wonderful balance between BodyPump and cardio. One problem though: I haven’t been doing any sort of heavy lifting. Don’t get me wrong, BodyPump is an AMAZING workout, and a very efficient way to gain lean muscle. But lately I’ve been wanting to build a little bit of mass, and doing only BodyPump isn’t going to cut it.
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