Being Healthy on Vacation…Let’s Avoid a Health Fiasco!!

This Wednesday I’m headed for glorious Mingo Junction, Ohio. Uhm, who vacations in an abandoned steel town you might ask. Yeah, Mingo might not be the most gorgeous of destinations, but a large portion of my mom’s side of the family lives there! Going out there is always a blast. We have a little situation though. My healthy ways have skyrocketed since our last visit..
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How to Eat More Protein (Without All the Sketchy Processed Stuff!!)

When I first started eating clean, I noticed that it was difficult to get plenty of protein naturally. At that time, my favorite post-run snack was still a chocolate protein shake. However, I quickly eliminated this habit after learning the obscene amounts of processing that some protein powders go through. Yeah, I struggled at first with finding clean sources of protein, but it’s really not difficult at all!

Lol. Remember: fat and carbs are just as important, too!!

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