What’s in store for Will’s Future

The vision of my future has shifted tremendously the past few weeks. Like to the opposite end of the spectrum. Three weeks ago, I had my mind SET on going to San Diego State. I didn’t want to end up anywhere else. I thought I had it all figured out! Then I went to Pittsburgh…

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What I Ate Wednesday #9 | I’m Back in Business

Sorry. I was a huge failure last week. What I Ate Wednesday came much sooner than I expected and I fell unprepared! I had totally forgotten to photograph any meals. And what’s a food post without any pictures of food? You gotta have the pictures, man…that’s what makes readers hungry 🙂
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Being Healthy on Vacation…Let’s Avoid a Health Fiasco!!

This Wednesday I’m headed for glorious Mingo Junction, Ohio. Uhm, who vacations in an abandoned steel town you might ask. Yeah, Mingo might not be the most gorgeous of destinations, but a large portion of my mom’s side of the family lives there! Going out there is always a blast. We have a little situation though. My healthy ways have skyrocketed since our last visit..
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