Les Mills

Les Mills is a company that originates in New Zealand. They offer a wide range of pre-choreographed group fitness classes, fourteen in total. Les Mills classes can be found in gyms worldwide, including many local gyms right here in Las Vegas. From resistance training and high intensity cardio, to dancing and yoga-inspired workouts, Les Mills has a class for you. And, the great thing about Les Mills is that you’ll never get bored with a class. Instructors are given new music and routines every quarter of the year. Constant research keeps the challenges real, and ensures a great workout that is structured around safety and effectiveness. Rest assured, you’ll be taking a class with a lot of science behind it.



I am currently certified in all of the following Les Mills formats…




BODYPUMP is 60 minute total body resistance workout. Participants use a barbell, bench, and single plates to create muscular fatigue and endurance. By utilizing the REP EFFECT (light weights and high reps), BODYPUMP is sure to tone and shape without adding unwanted bulk.




CXWORX is a thirty minute 360 degree core workout. Participants use single plates, resistance bands, and their body weight to strengthen and tone the foundational muscles of the body. A stronger core makes every day activities, as well as other activities like running, swimming, cycling, and just exercising in general, much easier.




BODYATTACK is a sixty minute high energy cardio workout. Athletic movements, such as running, lunging, and jumping are combined with strength movements, such as push-ups, planks, and squats, to make for a well rounded and intense workout.