My First Glimpse of Being a BodyPump Instructor

Yesterday was my first glimpse of being an actual BodyPump instructor! I got the chance to team teach during two classes. It was sooo weird to be up on the stage during an actual class, but I felt confident and natural! Not to mention, it was loads of fun. I really believe I was meant for this!

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Will is Back in the Game!!!

I’m baaaaccckkk. After a whole month of **NO running**, I finally laced up my running shoes again and went for a nice four miler yesterday. (**Okay I admit it, I may have cheated a couple of times. I did jog a lap or two at the gym here and there. I just couldn’t help myself!!!!**) I’m feeling nice and refreshed, and ready for another year of strong running!

Will’s awesome running photography skills.

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My Favorite Time of the Day

Unlike many people, I am SUCH a morning person. I get really weird looks when I tell people that I set my alarm for 5:00am every day. The thought of getting up before noon on a summer day does not settle well with many teenagers. Well, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am in complete contrast to the average teenager (after all, what teen would even think about becoming a group fitness instructor?!) To me, life before the sun rises is just perfect.
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