Catch Up Time!!!!

World’s most inconsistent blogger award goes to…..Will!! It’s been quite an eventful week here in Pittsburgh. I’ve had a great vacation so far, and still have a whole other week! This post will be mostly pictures since I have so much to share 🙂  Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday #9 | I’m Back in Business

Sorry. I was a huge failure last week. What I Ate Wednesday came much sooner than I expected and I fell unprepared! I had totally forgotten to photograph any meals. And what’s a food post without any pictures of food? You gotta have the pictures, man…that’s what makes readers hungry 🙂
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Maintaining Fitness on a Long Trip

Lately, a large chunk of my workouts have been strength related. Whether it be BodyPump or heavy lifting in the gym, my exercise routine calls for lots of weights! Well, I’m stepping off the weight training radar for a couple of weeks as I will have zero access to any equipment. Originally, I was ready to go into panic mode, but with the help of Pinterest (and other bloggers!) I’ve come up with a couple of ways to maintain my strength and progress while out of town!
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Being Healthy on Vacation…Let’s Avoid a Health Fiasco!!

This Wednesday I’m headed for glorious Mingo Junction, Ohio. Uhm, who vacations in an abandoned steel town you might ask. Yeah, Mingo might not be the most gorgeous of destinations, but a large portion of my mom’s side of the family lives there! Going out there is always a blast. We have a little situation though. My healthy ways have skyrocketed since our last visit..
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