New Series…DIRTY30 by LVAC

New to all LVAC locations, the DIRTY30 Series will challenge beginners and hardcore athletes alike. Get ready to take your fitness to new heights with this game-changing fitness format. Continued research shows that shorter, more intense exercise is the way to train. Thirty minutes is all you need to burn major fat and build major strength. Here’s what to expect…


BEFORE CLASS: Arrive to the gym early and warm up. Whether it’s a lap around the track, five minutes on the stair master, or light weight lifting, show up to the room warmed up and ready to go. The second the music starts, we’re giving it 100%.

DURING CLASS: Each class is divided into two segments, typically split into strength-based and cardio-based training. Stay for one or stay for both. Equipment may include kettle bells, sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, benches, bodyweight and more. No matter what equipment is being used during the segment, expect to work harder than you ever have before.

AFTER CLASS: Take a few minutes to cool down and stretch. This will prevent injury and ensure you are ready for the next round.

The historical “I don’t have enough time” is no longer an excuse. Check out a DIRTY30 class at your favorite LVAC Location. Classes listed at

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