This Week’s BODYPUMP Playlist

Alright BODYPUMPERS, here’s my class playlist for the next few days…


Some playlist highlights…

Track 2 (Squats)— All about endurance. Six and a half minutes of squats, little recovery. We spike the heart rate and build muscle tension.

Track 3 (Chest)— Fun song, continuous tension. The last set is the toughest, we go all out until the finish!

Track 4 (Back)— Holy wide rows! I’m taking emphasis off of the clean press this week and focusing on the rows. You’ll feel it in the upper back.

Track 5 (Triceps)— Death by overhead tricep extensions. 😵

Track 6 (Biceps)— Very short and efficient Bicep track this week. No recovery, maximum effort.

Track 7 (Lunges)— We’re firing up the glutes and pushing up the heart rate with lunge propulsions!

Track 8 (Shoulders)— Fun song, maybe some hip shaking. We take it home with plenty of overhead presses and pec decks!

Track 9 (Abs)— lots of pulsing crunches to fire up the midsection, toning the 6 pack.


Join me for 3:15pm BODYPUMP Sunday at Las Vegas Athletic Club– Northwest Location. Otherwise, here are my other weekly BODYPUMP classes….

  • Monday 4:15pm @ LVAC– Southwest Location
  • Tuesday 5:00am @ LVAC–Northwest Location
  • Friday 4:30pm @ LVAC– West Sahara Location
  • Sunday 3:15pm @ LVAC– Northwest Location