What’s in store for Will’s Future

The vision of my future has shifted tremendously the past few weeks. Like to the opposite end of the spectrum. Three weeks ago, I had my mind SET on going to San Diego State. I didn’t want to end up anywhere else. I thought I had it all figured out! Then I went to Pittsburgh…

Let’s just say, two years away from that city and I reaaalllyyy forgot how much I love it. It’s beautiful, the atmosphere is perfect, and there’s just so much opportunity. Not to mention, the university is awesome. I mean, the freaking Cathedral of Learning looks just like Hogwarts. Who wouldn’t want to go to a school that looks like Hogwarts?!!

On a more serious note, I just think that I would be much better off in Pittsburgh. Pitt is ranked number one in health studies. Plus, with all of the sports teams throughout the city, the demand for athletic trainers is extremely high.

Also, Pittsburgh is home to aย quickly growing fitness industry. They are currently making several improvements throughout the city to give citizens the chance to get out and get active. More bike lanes, pedestrian bridges, and fitness hotels (yes, I said fitness HOTELS. How awesome) are only a few of the improvements. There are just countless opportunities for health minded individuals like myself.

So, it looks like Pitt is currently in the lead on my list of colleges. Now it’s time to get ready to apply! In fact, that’s why I’ve been so distant lately! My days have been filled with applying for scholarships, writing rough drafts for application essays, and constant researching. I’ve applied for so many scholarships that I can’t even keep count. I’m just desperately trying to get some financial aid…college ain’t cheap!!!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. That and crying cause I’m not in Pittsburgh anymore. I’ll get over it eventually, but the city is so darn perfect I just want to get a one way ticket there!

As for health and fitness, it’s been the same ole same ole. I was doing SO good with jumping back into my healthy eating after some very unclean vacation cheats (I mean look at this monster. I also downed an unpictured chocolate milkshake)…

Thennnn once we got back to Vegas my grandpa had his birthday dinner at a sushi place. Never give me the “all you can eat” sushi option. I’ll eat entirely too much. I had very healthy rolls, but lots of them. Here are two of my four (yes four) sushi rolls.ย  Oh well, I jumped right back onto the wagon. Well, kind of. Until I had this sort of cheating s’mores quest bar. I promise I’m putting my foot down and sticking to clean eating this week! No cheat meal until Saturday!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hope all has been amazing in your world!

How about you?

  • Do you recover easily from vacation eating? (Obviously I don’t. My mind is still in vacation mode and thinks I can eat whatever!!)
  • Favorite quest bar flavor?
  • What is your favorite city?

4 thoughts on “What’s in store for Will’s Future

  1. Haha – I guess I’ll see about the vacation mode once I’ve been on my trip.
    However, I think there’s really no need for any feet to be put down. Sushi and Quest bars aren’t the worst choices you could be making and given the amount of activities you participate in daily, I guess you’re pretty close to being able to eat just whatever you want. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. You’re right. It wasn’t like I was downing a box of donuts! I think I was just hoping to keep it 100% clean for at least a week after vacation. But, I’m only human after all!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Seems like you’re having a great vacation! I start school tomorrow unfortunately, which means blogging time will be VERY limited! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer–and enjoy the indulgences! ๐Ÿ˜€

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