Clean Eating in the ‘Burgh

Despite being on vacation, my healthy ways haven’t gone down the drain entirely. In fact, I’ve kept up with my exercise and clean eating for the most part. It has definitely required some extra effort and creativity since I don’t have access to a gym or my own pantry. But, living a healthy lifestyle in Pittsburgh hasn’t been as difficult as I first expected!   The first thing I thought when I opened my great grandma’s fridge was “uh oh.” There was a minimal amount of healthy food. I managed to put together a meal of eggs and an apple, but that was about as healthy as it got.  
Lucky for me, though, my mom knows my crazy ways and was more than willing to drive me to the nearest store to buy some basic health foods. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to find much in the way of clean foods. After all, we are staying in Mingo Junction, Ohio. To my surprise, the Stuebenville Kroger had a HUGE health food section!!! 
Naturally, I stocked up on my essentials– sweet potatoes, almond butter, Ezekiel bread, and salmon to name a few. As you could imagine, I was on cloud nine. 
Here’s something even better: I was bracing myself the whole plane ride for lectures and questioning on why I won’t eat my great grandma’s food. I had no need to worry, though, because she took great care of me. She went right to the kitchen and cooked up some seasoned chicken all for me and my clean diet! I was shocked but grateful!  

So the majority of my meals have been pretty much the same as when I’m at home. I’ve even discovered a couple of new health foods along the way! I had my first mango the other day with breakfast and it was just delicious.

Of course I have indulged a few times, maybe eaten a few too many calories here and there. But guess what….I’m on vacation! If I want a slice or five of delicious DiCarlo’s Pizza, I’m gonna have a slice or five of delicious DiCarlo’s Pizza! No regrets. I know I’ll be returning to my normal eating soon! 

And of course I’ve gotten my daily dose of caffeine. My aunt has a keurig, woohoo! 
My exercise routine has been pretty funky, but I’ve definitely kept it up. More to come on that tomorrow! In the meantime, have an amazing Friday!

How about you?

  • How do you maintain your healthy diet on vacation (while still enjoying yourself)?

4 thoughts on “Clean Eating in the ‘Burgh

  1. Everything looks super healthy–minus the pizza, of course! 😉
    I like to eat like the locals and make my own food when I’m on vacation–and I make sure to walk everywhere to get in extra exercise!

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  2. Hm…I guess I mostly just enjoy myself when I’m on vacation. But I try not to overdo it. Everything tends to be different anyway when you’re away from home and I also get more exercise because I like to walk everywhere – I’m sure that makes up for an extra cocktail or two. 😉


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