Catch Up Time!!!!

World’s most inconsistent blogger award goes to…..Will!! It’s been quite an eventful week here in Pittsburgh. I’ve had a great vacation so far, and still have a whole other week! This post will be mostly pictures since I have so much to share 🙂 

We flew in last Wednesday. For some reason, airports are a ton of fun. I think it’s all of the food! I loaded up on some of my favorites: iced coffee, Greek yogurt, and panera bread (aka paradise bakery at the Phoenix airport)!  
Lucy and I got to fly the plane, so that was fun. Just kidding, but we did get to take a picture up front! 
We spent Thursday with family, but Friday we headed down to Pittsburgh for some exploring. First, we went to a local bistro where I had some AMAZING honey glazed salmon 
Then we walked around for a bit and got to see Randyland. Randy is a guy that decorates his house really crazy. It’s weird but awesome, and he’s such a motivational person! All that he’s done with his place is amazing.

Saturday we went for a hike at one of Pittsburgh’s many parks.  
Sunday was awesome. There was a huge fitness event in Pittsburgh called Open Streets. Penn avenue was closed for 3.5 miles, and they had all sorts of fitness activities and food all up the street! I got the chance to be a gym rat: I ran a 5k, did a total body fitness workout, and a bootcamp. Will Heaven. It was all right up my alley!

Then we went to the Serbian Picnic, where my cousins, sister, and I all hung out in the creek. Here’s us trying not to fall in. 
Monday was probably the best day. I got to tour the University of Pittsburgh. My college decision just got 3829292919129X harder. I LOVE the campus. Like a lot. Plus, Pitt is number one for health professions.  
Believe it or not, I think Pitt is in the lead right now!

After our tour we went to the chipotle of sushi: Sushi Fuku. It was the coolest thing. You get to choose your rice, protein, vegetables, and toppings. I got a smoked salmon roll with green onions, asparagus, and jalapeños (unpictured cause I devoured it too quickly). I could get used to this place. It was “fanfukutastic.”

Tuesday we went to Presque Isle– Pennsylvania’s beach. It’s a lake instead of an ocean, but it sure is beautiful. My cousin and I went for a short walk that turned into two hours, but it was so fun! 

Then yesterday was spent with family again 🙂 Overall, the trip has been freaking awesome so far and there’s so much more to come! I’ve also managed to maintain my healthy eating and exercise (with some treats of course) so woohoo! More will come tomorrow on how I’ve kept up my healthy ways 🙂

One last thing…guess who’s officially a certified BodyPump instructor?!?!?! I got the great news just after getting in town! Now it’s officially time to apply!!!!!!!

Sorry for being so shady, but I’ll be back tomorrow I PROMISE! Have a great Thursday!!!

How about you? 

  • What have you been up to the past week??

6 thoughts on “Catch Up Time!!!!

  1. Wow – picking a university is such an exciting thing! I hope you’ll be happy with whatever choice you’ll make!

    This week was my first week ‘off’ uni (we have to write term papers over the summer, so there’s never any real ‘time off’) and today I sat through my last exam (of the semester, possibly ever). Freedom…sort of. 🙂

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  2. Hope you like Pittsburgh! It’s so daunting to pick your university–I’ll be doing that next year! 😀 so nervous as to where I go!
    Seems like you had waaaaaaaaay too much fun here! No worries–keep livin’ life!

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