Maintaining Fitness on a Long Trip

Lately, a large chunk of my workouts have been strength related. Whether it be BodyPump or heavy lifting in the gym, my exercise routine calls for lots of weights! Well, I’m stepping off the weight training radar for a couple of weeks as I will have zero access to any equipment. Originally, I was ready to go into panic mode, but with the help of Pinterest (and other bloggers!) I’ve come up with a couple of ways to maintain my strength and progress while out of town!
Body weight exercises

Push ups, pull ups, and tricep dips to name a few. We often forget how effective these exercises can be once we become spoiled with a gym membership! Just like regular workouts, I could set up a series of sets with a challenging number of reps. Not quite the same as weights, but it will help me maintain for a couple of weeks!


Believe it or not, certain forms of cardio can help with strengthening. Now, if you’re a bodybuilder that’s trying to gain serious mass, cardio isn’t the way to go. But for those of us who enjoy a mix of strength and cardio, this will help. HIIT is a great way to mix body weight exercises and cardio to strengthen the body. Also, running drills like hill running and sprints help tone you up!

Resistance Bands 

Yesterday I stopped by Sport’s Authority and invested in a resistance tube. These are used in CxWorx at the gym…you can perform a variety of different workouts with these, from abs to biceps! Depending on how resistant of a tube you buy, you can really get a well rounded strength workout in without weights. Plus, it easily fits right in my suitcase 🙂

Core Power!!

When in doubt, plank it out! A huge thing that will help with maintaining strength is keeping up with your core workouts. Good news: you don’t need much equipment. As long as you have your body weight, you can perform several different exercises to maintain a strong core. This is also where YouTube comes in handy. Since I have a tube, after all, im planning on doing some CxWorx even though I’m thousands of miles away from my gym!

Getting off the couch and having fun!

Most importantly, I’m going to keep my butt off the couch and have fun with my family. I plan on getting outside and having fun with my cousins. Often times, one of the best workouts out there is kicking the ball around with your family!

How about you?

  • How do you maintain fitness on vacation?

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