Being Healthy on Vacation…Let’s Avoid a Health Fiasco!!

This Wednesday I’m headed for glorious Mingo Junction, Ohio. Uhm, who vacations in an abandoned steel town you might ask. Yeah, Mingo might not be the most gorgeous of destinations, but a large portion of my mom’s side of the family lives there! Going out there is always a blast. We have a little situation though. My healthy ways have skyrocketed since our last visit..
I doubt you’re familiar with the Mingo/Steubenville/Weirton area (about 40 minutes from Pittsburgh). But, let’s just say it’s not the healthiest of destinations. One might look at Vegas and say the same thing, but at least Vegas has some options. I’m not exaggerating when I so there are no healthy food options near Mingo. None. After all, the area is famous for their cheesy and greasy square shaped pizza (which I must admit is pretty delicious and I’ll have to treat myself).

My best hope is that the Walmart 20 minutes away carries at least a few of my favorite health foods. Although I’m a little worried. I’d be surprised if a quarter of the population there has ever heard of quinoa. Now I’m not saying everyone there is unhealthy. Absolutely not! I’m just saying that many people there don’t take health to the extent that I do.

Another problem is going to be Great Grandma’s house. My Great Grandmother is full Italian. Enough said, right?

Yes, I know vacation only comes every once in a while. And yes, I know that I should be more lenient on my diet while I’m out there. I will absolutely enjoy some of my craving foods. In fact, ever since I brought up that pizza it hasn’t left my mind! But, I’ve been seeing a little bit of progress in the gym lately. And since I’ll be out of town (therefore out of the gym) for two full weeks, I don’t want to totally fall off the wagon and have to start from stage one.

So here’s my plan of attack: I’ll stock my great grandma’s kitchen with some of my essentials (such as salmon, fruits, veggies, Ezekiel bread, and almond butter) for some meals but I’ll also eat what my great grandma has on the menu. I’ll just be smart with it! I’ll balance my meals as best as I can and stay on the health wagon.

As for exercise, I’ll have a more specific post later on this week. I won’t have access to weights, but I’ll definitely keep up the cardio and compensate for the strength training somehow! It will be an interesting two weeks. Maintaining my usual healthy lifestyle is going to be difficult, but we’ll see if it all works out!!

How about you?Β 

  • How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle (while still enjoying yourself) on vacation?

4 thoughts on “Being Healthy on Vacation…Let’s Avoid a Health Fiasco!!

  1. I totally understand how you feel, just because it’s vacation I never want to ruin all that hard work of long months in just two weeks completely. Stocking up with healthy options and eating smaller portions of the not-so-healthy food sounds like a great idea! For the strength trainin part, why don’t you try some street workouts? No need for weights, just a few bars and they can actually make you stronger!

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    1. That sounds like a good workout! I’m actually going to buy a resistance band today. I could do some workouts with that. And I’m also planning on doing body weight type stuff like push ups, dips, etc. I’ll get creative and share some of the routines I come up with! πŸ™‚


  2. Vacation is a huge obstacle to overcome, but I think that enjoying the experience is much more than the food. So enjoy what there is to offer besides all the crazy sweets! As for eating, I think continuing with exercise and eating the healthiest options with small treats is a great plan! πŸ™‚

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