BodyPump Video Assessment 

Yesterday I finally accomplished the next step of the BodyPump instructor process. I video taped myself teaching a full class, and it went great! It’s all ready to be sent in and assessed. Fingers crossed I get that full pass!!

At first I was really nervous being recorded. I don’t know what it is, but that camera watching your each and every move is so intimidating! Luckily I got used to it pretty quickly and just did what I’d been practicing so hard for!

It all went very smoothly. The only mistake was in the ab track, I forgot to switch legs on the hip bridges. DARN. Worked one butt cheek more than the other. Oh well, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Look at these hard workers. I loved having a mock class filled with my family. It definitely didn’t sound like a mock class, though, this group was loud and energetic!!!

Nekter was our destination for an awesome post workout celebration. Acai bowl please!

The party continued later on with dinner at Lazy Dog. It was the first time we tried this restaurant, and we’ll definitely be back. Great menu selection (they had a healthy menu for me YAYYYYY!!!) I ordered the lemon caper chicken pasta…I couldn’t get carbs off my mind 😉

So it should be about a week before I get the results from my video. Keep your fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for me! I’ll keep you all updated for sure 🙂

How about you?

  • What foods are you craving at the moment?

3 thoughts on “BodyPump Video Assessment 

    1. I would love to share it, but I want to say it breaks the instructor agreement. I’ll look more into it, but maybe since it is on YouTube after all I’ll post it soon! 🙂


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