Today’s the Dayyyyy

All of the training, all of the practicing, all of the listening to my tracks like a mad man, all of the coaching to invisible classes, it has all led up to this moment…
…my video assessment to become an instructor!! Today’s the big day where I get in front of the camera and show my passion for BodyPump! I’ve felt ready for weeks now and can’t wait to get it done and send it in!

Once the video is reviewed, I’ll receive a Pass, Pass Withheld, or Resubmit. Of course, I’m shooting for that pass!!! A Pass Withheld wouldn’t be the end of the world (I would just have to wait 30 days and keep practicing, then get signed off by a supervisor), but I have higher expectations of myself!

Wish me luck!! If all goes well, I’ll hopefully be sending in my video later today after reviewing it! I’m praying for a smooth filming and no technical difficulties đŸ™‚ Today marks one day closer to being a fabulous instructor (I strive to be as good as these two someday!)

How about you?

  • What have you been up to this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Today’s the Dayyyyy

  1. Yay Will!! You’ll get that pass, and then I’m definitely getting a trial to try your classes.

    This weekend I’m going to binge watch Netflix while you work out.

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