Six Awesome Ways to Eat a Yam!!

Yams are my favorite type of carbs…by FAR. I always make sure that the yam bowl (yes they have their own bowl in my kitchen) is fully stocked. In fact, almost every time we visit the store, yams are thrown into the cart! Thank God my Mom loves me and is willing to buy them every time. Thanks Mom, you’ve always got my back.

Yams are all types of wonderful. They are sweet, healthy, and delicious! What a great addition to any meal! Although I love to eat them plain, there’s so many different ways to prepare them. You can really get creative with it! Here are all of the ways I’ve experimented with this delicious vegetable, and let me tell you, they are all worth trying.

Baked and topped with almond butter

I’m not sure what it is about the almond butter/yam mix, but it gives an unbeatable taste. To me, the sweetness mixed with the nutty flavor makes it seem as though you’re eating dessert, but with dinner!! Much healthier than desserts, it’s an awesome source of healthy carbs, fats, and protein. If you need an almond butter recommendation, Trader Joe’s Almond Butter is the way to go!!

Pan fried with veggies

Frying yams in a pan with other veggies gives them a nice crisp. And who doesn’t like pan fried veggies? Yum!

Baked and topped with a fried egg

This one might sound weird, but you’ve got to try it to understand. If you love the dippy part of eggs, you’ll love this combo.

Stuffed with all sorts of goodness

All you have to do is bake a yam in the oven or microwave, and then stuff it with whatever you’re in the mood for. Meat, veggies, quinoa, another yam, whatever!! I recommend black beans, corn, and salsa.

Baked and thrown into a salad

My way of adding carbs to a low carb meal. Heck yes!

New discovery: baked and topped with guacamole and salsa!!!

This is one of the best discoveries of mine in a while. Looking for a way to eat guac and salsa without the chips? Look no further than a yam! DELICIOUS!!!

Now it’s time to head to the store and stock up on your yams! Let me know what you think 🙂

BTW, I am SO SO sorry for slacking with my posts the past couple of days! Life has been a little crazy (as it tends to get sometimes). But roadblocks don’t stop me! I just keep powering on! Have a great day everyone!

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