My First Glimpse of Being a BodyPump Instructor

Yesterday was my first glimpse of being an actual BodyPump instructor! I got the chance to team teach during two classes. It was sooo weird to be up on the stage during an actual class, but I felt confident and natural! Not to mention, it was loads of fun. I really believe I was meant for this!

IMG_1917Here’s what Day 1 of teaching BodyPump looked like:

5:15 am

I went to bed feeling pretty darn nervous. So, naturally, what did I do after waking up? Went for a run! It definitely helped get rid of some nerves.

6:15 am

Kick started my active day with protein pancakes.

9:00 am

Pre-gym meal of rice cakes, almond butter, and a banana. I stuck to light foods, the last thing I wanted was to get sick on stage. The gym might never hire me if that happened 🙂

9:30 am

Drove to the gym. The nerves were high by now. “What if they don’t like me? What if I mess up? What if my mic falls off?” As you can tell I’m a bit dramatic sometimes.

10:00 am

Go time! Once I finally got on stage, all my nerves disappeared. I just went up there and did what I love! Aside from a couple of mic problems (it was my first experience using the mic, I didn’t have a clue how to put it on!) I thought I did pretty well. I taught tracks 6-10 with very little mistakes! (Mom was in the front row and snapped this picture. Here’s my “why are you taking pictures of me” face)

11:00 am

I stuck around for the new CxWorx release. My core burned nice and good.


This was my chance to refuel a lot and relax before destroying my muscles all over again! Did I mention I refueled a lot? (I’m still at that calorie surplus! SO. MUCH. FOOD.)

6:30 pm

Round 2! I taught tracks 1-4 this time. I particularly love the chest track (hint: there’s push ups. Youch!!!)

7:15 pm

Stuck around for another round of Cx ’cause (even though my core is telling me otherwise right now) you can’t get enough core work!

7:45 pm

Refueled yet again, but this time with a little treat. After team teaching two BP classes, attending two CX classes, and running earlier that morning, I felt that a banana cream pie protein shake was much deserved.

9:00 pm

I was out like a light. Day 1…CHECK! 

Now it’s time for day 2! I’m team teaching this morning and then I get a little break tomorrow. This week is going to continue to be great, I can feel it!

How about you?

  • Bodypump fans!! What do you think of the new release?
  • How do you relax when you’re a little nervous?
  • How was your Monday?

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