Sports on TV??

The topic today is watching sports on TV. Everyone in my family is a die hard sports fan. In fact, the busiest time of year for the Teel household is football season. If there’s a Steelers or Chargers game, the house is going to be packed with family, no doubt. Aside from football season, my sister is a HUGE soccer fan. So of course, the Women’s World Cup has been on every day. I must be completely honest, though, I’m not like everyone else in my family! Whatever is happening on the television isn’t that important to me!  Unlike most kids my age, I just don’t see the appeal of sitting and watching people run around on the television. After about five minutes, I want to stand up and walk around a little bit. I get so bored! I would much rather be outside and active myself than watch someone be active on the screen. There’s so much to see and do outside!   I’m not saying I hate sports. I think that going and seeing actual games makes for a TON of fun! In fact, one of the best times I’ve ever had was at a Pittsburgh Pirates game with my uncle and cousin. The crazy atmosphere is unbeatable. But, watching a game in your quiet living room just isn’t my idea of fun.  Yesterday, we had lots of people over for the US Women’s Soccer game. As usual, I wasn’t that interested. Luckily my aunt was on the same page, so we went out for a walk in the wonderful cloudy weather. I know, shocker right?! Vegas weather has actually been pretty nice the past couple of days!  Anyways, we got some good steps in and got to see a lot of the state park wildlife. Luckily we didn’t get bit 🙂  Getting outdoors definitely beats being cramped up in the house, in my personal opinion. If you’re looking for a way to live a healthier lifestyle, going outside more often is definitely a place to start. I mean, look at all the steps I got yesterday (without even going for a run)!!    How about you?

  • Would you rather be watching a game on TV or outside walking around?
  • What’s your favorite professional sports team?
  • Ever been to an actual pro game?

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