TeelFit Tips: Surviving a Holiday Party 

This is probably less than perfect timing, as the Fourth was yesterday. Way to go, Will. Luckily, the same tips apply to any family gathering and get-together!
We love our families and friends. Oh, we love them so much. But sometimes, the thought of a get-together is alarming. Chips, cookies, potato salad, CAKE. Yikes. You can kiss every healthy habit you stand for goodbye.

Not so fast! Such parties don’t have to be the end of your fit lifestyle! With these simple tips, you will walk out of that family BBQ feeling awesome (and just as healthy as when you walked in).

1. Eat normally throughout the day.

NEVER do a crazy fast on the day of a party! This will only ensure that you are starving, and you will be more likely to overeat. Eat just like you normally do! For me, that means a huge salad for lunch.

2. Don’t show up with an empty stomach.

Along the same lines, if you show up hungry, you’re doomed. We do bad things when we are hungry. The chips, dip, and other artery clogging appetizers will be calling your name! Eat a little something beforehand so it will be easier to turn these down. Yesterday’s pre party meal was some oats and chia seeds in the car (chia seeds fill you up)!! Only I would eat oats when it’s 110 degrees out…

3. Bring a healthy side dish.

If everyone else fails you, it’ll be reassuring to know that your own healthy dish is there to save the day! My mom contributed a healthier pasta salad to the meal (with brown rice and quinoa pasta)!

4. If you’re really crazy (like me), bring your own meal!

One of my favorites: salmon, quinoa, and salad 🙂 Unfortunately, no cheat meals last night. That was saved especially for Lucille’s on Friday!

5. Step away from the food and enjoy the company!!

Forget about the food!! We were loving our perfectly legal fireworks last night. The illegal ones can’t even come close to this party right here 😉

How about you?

  • Any healthy tips for family gatherings?
  • Do you ever bring your own meals to unhealthy occasions?
  • How was your holiday? What’d you do?

3 thoughts on “TeelFit Tips: Surviving a Holiday Party 

  1. These are great tips 🙂 Don’t forget another important one – relax and give yourself a break! It’s a holiday party so you should be there to spend time with those you care about, not nitpicking about which dishes are organic or contain things you don’t normally eat. Enjoy the food, and enjoy the company more!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! Like I said in the post, we had a pretty awesome time setting off our “safe and sane” fireworks 🙂 Hope you had a great holiday!


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