Lately I’ve had many interests when it comes to the fitness world– the main ones being muscle building, BodyPump teaching, and distance running (as always). However, these interests are kind of in opposition to each other. After all, I’ve never seen an elite marathoner compete as a bodybuilder.
 Some may think I’m too ambitious in pursuing these three very different goals. But, I think anything is possible!!! It’s all about balance. 

A large factor here is going to be budgeting my time and energy accordingly so that I have enough for all three. I also have to realize that I may be sacrificing certain things. For example, I may not be able to run as fast with some extra muscle mass. Or, my muscles may not be able to get huge because of all the cardio I do. But, I’m okay with that!

In order to get the most gains possible out of each of these activities, though, I HAVE to take care of myself! That’s the biggest thing here! How am I gonna do that?

Eat a LOT

Like a lottttt. With my running AND weight training, I have to eat a ton in order to be at a calorie surplus. Without this surplus, I won’t be able to gain weight, therefore no muscle!! For me, this can mean 3200 or so calories a day! Holy cow.

Layer 1 of yesterday’s 1000 calorie salad. Filled with nutrients and great for post workout!

Get alllll the nutrients 

My body will be working extra hard, so I have to supply it with all the right stuff. Plenty of fruits and veggies for me!!


I’ve been pretty good with getting protein in me right after workouts. Build the muscles!! Build the muscles!!

Sip on that water

Hydration is huge!! Especially living in Vegas where 115 degrees is normal.


I’m making sure to stay organized with all of my workouts. I’ve got to allow my muscles adequate rest. That means no lifting on days before BodyPump, and no working the same muscle group two days in a row! I’ll also be planning regular rest days.

Treat Ma’self

All this hard work warrants an occasional reward! My favorite treats are always food. Hopefully this pulled pork sandwich will go straight to the muscles 😉

How about you?

  • Ever have conflicting goals?
  • How do you treat yo’self?
  • How are you spending your 4th of July?

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