Growing Naturals Pea Protein 

I’ve done it. My long hunt for a “clean” yet reasonably priced protein powder has led me somewhere: Growing Naturals Yellow Pea Protein!
The reason I’ve been trying so hard to find a protein powder is for convenience. Now that I’m doing some heavy stuff at the gym, having a protein powder makes it easier to hit that refueling window. All I have to do is scoop some in a blender bottle, fill it up with water when I’m done working out, and I’ve got a nice little source of protein for the drive home! Saves me money, as I don’t have to buy a shake from the juice bar!

It’s also just another way to get some extra protein in my diet. I can only eat so much chicken and fish before wanting something else!

Pea protein is a plant based protein, unlike whey protein. The reason I’ve been looking closely at plant proteins is one, they tend to be on the “cleaner” side (but certainly not all of them are) and two, they provide extra antioxidants and iron.

This specific brand caught my eye for a couple of reasons:


You know how I am about my GMO’s!

Amino Acids

This powder contains much needed BCAA’s to help with my workouts!

No Artificial Sweeteners

Those can get sketchy.

VERY Low Ingredient

The only ingredient is Yellow Pea Protein! That’s it! Definitely beats those powders with 38383838374848383 ingredients.

Pretty good on protein.

15g per serving is pretty good! Certainly not as much as some powders, but enough to add a little protein to my day.

Good on price.

At less than a dollar per ounce, this powder is much cheaper than most clean ones.

Growing Naturals also offers a vanilla flavor, but I only saw original at the store. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know how the taste is! Worst case, I’ll have to add some berries and bananas to sweeten it up 🙂

I’m looking forward to giving this a shot! We’ll see how it goes!

How about you?

  • What type of protein powder do you use? (Soy? Whey? Plant?)

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