Will is Back in the Game!!!

I’m baaaaccckkk. After a whole month of **NO running**, I finally laced up my running shoes again and went for a nice four miler yesterday. (**Okay I admit it, I may have cheated a couple of times. I did jog a lap or two at the gym here and there. I just couldn’t help myself!!!!**) I’m feeling nice and refreshed, and ready for another year of strong running!

Will’s awesome running photography skills.

I learned quite a few things from my time off:

Running isn’t the only way to stay fit.

The break gave me the opportunity to experiment with other forms of exercise. There are so many other ways to maintain fitness! There’s weightlifting, cycling, Les Mills programs, cardio equipment, and so much more. My biggest fear was that I would fall out of shape last month. However, I think I’m in better shape now than I was before!

A month off won’t destroy your hard earned running skills.

I was a bit worried going into my run yesterday morning. I didn’t know what to expect. “Will I be out of breath and have to stop at mile two?!” “Will my muscles be shocked and give out?” “Will I pass out and be left for the vicious geese to eat me alive?!!!” Okay, a bit dramatic, but ABSOLUTELY NOT! My first run back felt just as good as any other run. I wasn’t out of breath at all, my muscles weren’t shocked, and I felt awesome the whole time! Goes to show that as long as you maintain some sort of cardio exercise, a little break from running won’t do any harm.

To avoid soreness, I got a niiiccceee stretch in.

Running is an insane calorie burner.

I knew this already, but didn’t fully realize it until I stopped running. It was definitely interesting to see how many fewer calories my Fitbit was reading without my daily run. Running is probably the most efficient calorie burner out there! Which means I’ll have to eat EVEN MORE now that I’m running again on top of trying to gain mass. Oh boy. Luckily my longer runs of 8-15 miles won’t start until much later.

Worked up a little sweat today!

Hydration is super important, especially during the summer.

I learned this one yesterday. I didn’t realize how hot it has gotten since May! Even at 5am, it’s nearing 90 degrees! I was desperate for some water afterwards.

You don’t fully realize how much you love running until you take some time off.

I missed it so much. Every time I would pass by a runner while I was on a walk, a little tear drop would roll down my cheek. Thankfully, I’m back and running again, and loving every second of it.

How about you?

  • How’s your running/exercise been going lately?

4 thoughts on “Will is Back in the Game!!!

  1. So happy for you! I stopped exercise for two
    Months and was worried that I would forget how to run and exercise in general but it turned out to be the best thing for me! I don’t run on a regular basis but I do enjoy hiit circuits !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve done so much reading up on how extended breaks once a year are great! It lets your body and mind rest, and leaves you fully charged!

      I LOVE HIIT!!! When I go out of town in a couple weeks, I’ll be doing lots of it. No access to a gym = no excuses!! Haha.


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