Weird Injuries and Pains

Ever get injuries that are just odd?
I’ve had the weirdest pain in my knee the past few days. Usually when an athlete gets a knee injury, any sort of exercise with impact is painful. However, that’s the opposite with me.

When I’m sitting for long periods of time and then stand, a sharp pain enters the inside of my knee. Yet, as I move around, the pain starts to go away. It’s almost like physical activity actually “warms up” my knee and makes it feel better. Cycling on Friday, fine. BodyAttack yesterday morning, bring it. But relax for a few minutes and OUCH!!

I haven’t been running, but thought this quote was funny 🙂

The other weird thing is that it came out of nowhere. It wasn’t like I was working out and all of a sudden it popped out of place. Nope, I was just sitting on my couch a few days ago, and when I stood up the pain was there. Just out of the blue.

Maybe it’s growing pains? Maybe I strained something? Who knows. All I know is that very similar “injuries” have happened to me before, and they always get better after I take all of the precautions. Aka icing and tiger balm!

I always ice for about twenty minutes at a time, and wrap my knee for compression. I repeat about three times a day.

I also rub this tiger balm on my knee a couple times a day. It’s like icy hot, and realllly helps with the pain.

After repeating these two processes, the pain always subsides after a couple of days. My knee is already feeling much better. I’ll continue to keep a close eye on it, though, and cease physical activity the second it starts to hurt while exercising!

How about you?

  • Ever have weird injuries?
  • Are you easily injured? What precautions do you take to avoid it?
  • What have you been up to this weekend?

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