Healthy Eating 101: How to Survive a Steakhouse!

My awesome parents took my sister and I to Fleming’s last night in celebration of our good grades. One problem: steakhouses are typically health fiascos. No need to worry! With preparation and smart choices, you can avoid a calorie disaster.
Step one: get online

So, you’re planning on going to a fancy dinner at a steakhouse? Awesome. First up, Google the menu. Preparation is key, so you’re going to want to make your smart menu selection before you even enter the restaurant. Luckily, most restaurants make their menus available online.

Step two: water please

I’m under aged, so this isn’t a concern of mine. But, steakhouses are known for their extensive alcohol selections. Although I’m not old enough to drink them, I am old enough to know that they are empty calories! Avoid the alcohol. If you must have some, keep it to a minimum!

Step three: skip the bread

At Fleming’s, they greet you with a nice basket of bread featuring two types of spreads. Although well intentioned, this is a definite no go. Fill up on bread, and you’ll be full for the main course. And trust me, there’s no resisting their juicy steak! Push the bread aside, and wait for the good stuff. Take a selfie with your sister to pass time.

Step four: if you must have an appetizer, opt for a salad (dressing on the side)

Pretty self explanatory. Try to order one with as little unhealthy toppings and as many veggies as possible.

Step five: be smart with the main course

No need to avoid steak altogether! After all, you are at a steakhouse. However, order smart. No 20 oz filets! I ordered the petite filet mignon. Here’s my sister’s meal, she ordered a chicken dish.

Step six: be picky! 

Feel free to request that they use healthier methods of cooking! After all, the food ain’t cheap! I requested that they don’t top the filet with butter, and they were more than willing to fulfill my request.
Step seven: stick with the veggies for sides

Once you start getting into the potatoes and Mac and cheese, things can get real ugly. Stick with the basics! FYI, their asparagus is amazing.

Step eight: hate to break it to you, but skip dessert

Unless you have extreme self control, I would advise against ordering a dessert! Their desserts are quite the piece of art. My sister ordered the lava cake, and it took every ounce of my self control to not snatch a bite.

I also got some free truffles. Craaaapppp. Stay strong, Will, stay strong!!!!

There you have it– a healthy eater’s guide to surviving a steakhouse! STAY STRONG MY FRIEND!!! 🙂

How about you?

  • What do you order at a steakhouse?
  • Do you ever make crazy requests when you order food?
  • What’s the fanciest restaurant you’ve eaten at?

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