I’ve almost made it a month without running…

No way…It’s been almost three weeks since my last serious run! Say whaattt?!!
As you may or may not know, I’m taking the entire month off of running to let my body fully reboot and get ready for another year of strong running! The only running I’ve done is 5 minutes for a warmup at BodyPump training and a little bit of running in BodyAttack.

How do I manage to do it?

To be honest, I’m not even sure. It’s a miracle I haven’t experienced a nervous breakdown. If you are a runner you are familiar with that feeling of twitchiness that arises on rest days, let alone an entire month without lacing up the running shoes.

Thank goodness I’ve found some effective ways to kept myself occupied, especially when the running withdrawals strike again! Here’s how I’ve filled my time the past few weeks…

1. Lots of BodyPump Learning

If I sit for too long, I get bored and start thinking about running. So, the second I start to get “ants in my pants,” (in the words of my great grandma) I pull out my headphones and BP notes, and start memorizing the cues and choreography! I’ve even written my own notes to try and help me prepare for the video!

2. Lots of BodyPump Practicing

Along the same lines, I’ve kept myself occupied by practicing my BodyPump coaching with anyone that’s even semi-willing to hear it. The dance team, volleyball team, my dog, anyone! 😉

3. Lots of exercising

I’ve been filling my days with plenty of gym time. The time off of running has allowed me to find other ways to stay fit, such as HIIT workouts! I’ve also gotten back into Bootcamp and BodyAttack. In fact, I took my sister to her first ever BodyAttack class yesterday…Look at that mini-me. I’m so proud.

4. Lots of eating

Ohhhhhh yes. Eating takes up a nice large chunk of the day. I’ve discovered plenty of new and delicious meals the past few weeks. Enjoy this picture of yesterday’s lunch: a gigantic salad…yumyumyum.

5. Lots of blogging!

I love spending some of my free time reading posts and commenting on other blogs! Blogging has also brought out the true foodie in me, so that’s fun.

I guess we’ll see if I make it another 11 days!! Who’s counting, though? 😉

How about you?

  • Do you get twitchy on rest days?
  • What types of exercising do you do outside of running?
  • Have any exciting plans this weekend?

2 thoughts on “I’ve almost made it a month without running…

  1. So what is your next planned race? I must admit though I just started running in January I can’t see me taking a break. I am contemplating taking a week off next week but I cringe at the idea. Good luck. Looks like you are keeping busy and fit. Ron


    1. I’m planning on running in Rock n Roll Las Vegas, which is in November. So, I’ll begin building up my mileage for that once I start running again in July. Thanks Ron, good luck to you as well!


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