Twenty hours, 4+ BodyPump Classes, and a Whole Lot of Pain and Sweat Later…

This weekend was the most challenging and mentally draining, yet fun and rewarding weekend of my entire life. I learned a ton about the Les Mills program as well as myself (some of my strengths and some of my weaknesses). I learned what it truly takes to become a BodyPump instructor (and it ain’t easy!) and pushed myself beyond boundaries that I once thought existed.

I could not be more thankful for Sanna (our trainer) and Les Mills for providing me with this phenomenal experience. I am beyond stoked to finally be a part of the tribe!

So here’s what happened yesterday…

…another round of Starbucks. Don’t judge me!! It was my way to get PUMPed and ready to go 😉

We jumped straight into round two of presentations. This time, we presented our full tracks and were expected to improve from Saturday. My presentation went great and I received positive feedback! I had just a couple of areas to improve on (smoothing out the bottom half pulses and my hand position on push ups). But, overall I was checked off for successful position and execution!

And now the good stuff: the ultimate BODYPUMP CHALLENGE! 5 stations, 4 minutes each, insane weight!!! There were two common BodyPump exercises at each station, and we were expected to lift heavier weights than we ever had before! After three BodyPump classes in the previous 24 hours, this was a physically and mentally draining task. But it taught us to become mentally strong and push out of our comfort zones. It was also an awesome coaching exercise, as we had to motivate our fellow trainees to keep going! Motivation and energy filled the room! It was freaking awesome.

After that…LUNCH!!! Yesterday’s was another much deserved protein shake. This time I chose the acai extreme.

Then we went into some more coaching and connection activities! A vital part of being a BodyPump instructor is the ability to coach and push the class through a tough workout. This is done through several cues and motivators. We all brainstormed ideas for cues. I’ll definitely be using a lot of these when I teach 🙂

And finally, it was time for our last presentations!! I fixed my issues and got wonderful feedback!

I may feel a little dead, but I did it.
I made some awesome connections this weekend, and I can’t wait to keep in touch with everyone as we all embark on our new journies as BodyPump instructors 🙂
Get in there, Sanna!!!

What’s next? Well, I have 60 days to submit a video of me teaching the full class. Then, I will receive feedback. If I get a full score, I will be free to teach my own classes! There’s still quite a ways to go before teaching on my own, but I’m well on my way 🙂

How about you?

  • How often do you push out of your comfort zone? (With exercise or even just life stuff in general?)
  • What are some motivational cues you find helpful during hard workouts or races?
  • Favorite protein shake flavor?

2 thoughts on “Twenty hours, 4+ BodyPump Classes, and a Whole Lot of Pain and Sweat Later…

    1. Thank you!! I can’t wait to film my video. I’m actually thinking about doing trial one next week! (I’m going to shoot a few different times so I have more to chose from)

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