BodyPump Instructor Training Day 1

Day one: done! I’ve learned so much so far this weekend and I’m beyond excited for day 2! We were taught all sorts of aspects of being an awesome instructor. I can’t wait to demonstrate what I learned with TWO presentations today!!!
I’ll keep this post short and sweet (I had to focus on perfecting my track last night), but I’ll be back with a full recap tomorrow 🙂

I started out the day like I usually do…just like when preparing for a race, I didn’t try anything new! I powered up with my all too familiar breakfast of eggs, Ezekiel toast, and a banana with almond butter!

Stopped by Starbucks for a nice little “pick me up” and something to calm my nerves a little bit (is that possible with coffee?).

Once we arrived, there was a little introduction so all of us future instructors could get to know each other! Then (the most awesome part of the day) we went through a master class in which we all took the class one final time as “just” being a participant! This was the most exciting BodyPump class I’ve ever taken! Any existing nerves quickly subsided.

Then, we went straight into the lessons for the day. We worked hard all the way up until lunch! I usually don’t drink protein shakes, but my body was really craving one. Banana cream pie…yummmmm.
Back into some more lessons and before we knew it, it was time to present! We only presented about a minute of our tracks to really focus on proper setup and execution of the moves. I was very proud of my first presentation. I felt confident and natural! All of that practicing with the dance and volleyball teams (as well as the help from instructors) paid off tremendously.

After that, there was just one more round of lessons and we were finished for the day! 8 hours has never flown by so fast.

Naturally, a fun picture was necessary after such a spectacular day! Meet Sanna, our awesome trainer for the weekend!
All I can say is that my love of BodyPump has quadrupled after yesterday. Round 2, here we go!!

How about you?

  • Enough of my weekend, what have you been up to?

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