Friday Favorites: BodyPump Edition!

24 hours remain until I officially kick off my future as a BodyPump instructor! I’m ready to test my limits and challenge myself this weekend. These next two days will no doubt be the most tiring yet rewarding days of my life!
I’ve been practicing my tracks a whole lot, so I feel confident and prepared to conquer the challenge! Shoutout to the Arbor View Dance and Volleyball Teams for being my guinea pigs as learned to teach my tracks 🙂
This week’s round of Friday Favorites is all about Les Mills BodyPump. If it isn’t already obvious, I’m extremely passionate about the program. It delivers results fast, and gets you hooked on fitness from day 1!

Here we go!

Favorite Release

BodyPump 94, hands down. There might be a little bias in there because this is the release I’m training for, but it’s got some great music and delivers a phenomenal workout (over 1000 reps were squeezed into this one!) 🎶We could be heroes🎶

Favorite Track

The squat track! Since I’m a runner (and I’m sure all runners can relate to this), I have lots of lower body strength, but not much upper body strength! So, I can really load up the weight on my squat bar, as opposed to my baby weight for biceps.

Favorite Move

Tricep Dips. I’m not really sure why, but I have fun with this move (well, except when it’s at the verrrry end of the track. Ouch!)  There’s many variations to make it harder or easier (hold a plate in your lap, extend one leg, etc.)

Favorite Song

This ones an oldie, but “Livin on a Prayer” from release 79 is a ton of fun! If you sing along, it’s not as painful *pro tip*

Favorite Tempo

BodyPump workouts are all about timing and keeping the muscles under tension. My favorite “tempo” is the bottom half pulse. On squats, lunges, and chest these burn real good!

Favorite Saying

Since I started taking the class, I’ve been taught by many different instructors. They all use different quotes to motivate participants through the workout. My favorite one that I’ve heard is “You can do 4 of anything!” It pushes me through those last repetitions! I might even use it in my own classes someday 🙂

Favorite Spot in the Room

Front and center!! (Even if I get called out for slacking on biceps 😉 ) I used to always default  to the back of the room, but now I’m up front, always ready to get my sweat on!


BodyPump is just one of my Friday Favorites in general 🙂 It’s going to be an amazing weekend, and I will be sure to post updates if I get the chance! Have an amazing Friday, everyone! Wish me luck!!

How about you?

  • How have you been challenging yourself lately?
  • What are some of your Friday Favorites?
  • What’s on schedule for this weekend?

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