Friday Favorites (Summer Edition)


All exams are finished and the final bell has rung! Summer 2015 is here, hallelujah. I am so looking forward to everything that summer has to offer. To let off some of my excitement, here are some Friday Favorites (SUMMER EDITION!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

First and foremost, my final AP Lang grade.

I kept my ‘A’!!! Now I can sleep easy and enjoy my summer.

Indoor Cardio Equipment

100+ degree temps call for some indoor workouts (especially if you workout in the afternoon). My gym offers some pretty high tech cardio equipment to get the heart rate up! I worked up a nice sweat on the Power Mill yesterday. I was fightingย off all of that school stress ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer Salads

I’m not sure what makes my Famous Turkey Burger Salad qualify as a “Summer” salad (maybe the frozen blueberries??), but it was pretty darn delicious.

Red and Juicy Watermelon

Such a refreshing and healthy snack for hot afternoons.

Fourth of July essentials at Target!!

You know summer is in full effect when the 4th of July stuff comes out.

Summer Recipes

Such as this quinoa dish

Or another summer favorite, smoothies!!

Mom’s Treats

During the summer, my mom always tends to make more of her delicious baked goods since my sister and I are out of school. Sometimes they’re just too hard to resist (everything in moderation, right?) Her pumpkin bread is to die for.

Graduation Parties

They always have amazing food. My neighbor is graduating and they had a taco stand for the grad party! I couldn’t say no to authentic street tacos, so I ended up having two dinners. Is it still okay if I use my half marathon as an excuse to eat a lot? (I have to refuel, man!!) ย ๐Ÿ™‚

And finally, the fact that I’m OFFICIALLY A SENIOR!!!

How about you?

  • Favorite summer food?
  • What are some things that remind you of summer?
  • Tell me your Friday Favorites!!

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