What I Ate Wednesday #3

And this one is pretty darn delicious…

But first, what is this madness?!

This is a #WIAW post. The idea of #WIAW is to photograph one day of meals each week, link up to the Peas and Crayons blog, and celebrate the wonderful world of eating (it is truly amazing, after all)! It also gives us the chance to find new recipes by seeing what everyone else eats! So, after reading my blog be sure to stop by peasandcrayons.com to check out what other people ate!!

Now to the good stuff, the food!!


It sure was odd, but it sure was tasty too! I was in the mood for some Mexican flavors, but still wanted my usual eggs and toast. So, why not mix the two?

I don’t even know what to classify this as (maybe an open faced sandwich, but with three pieces of bread??) so here are the ingredients:

  • Ezekiel Toast
  • Mashed avocado
  • Eggs (over medium)
  • Salsa

AM Snacks

The usuals.

  • Apple
  • Cheerios
  • Banana w/ almond butter


The homie and I stopped by Nekter after our finals. I got a smoothie and it was SO rich and creamy! It tasted like a milkshake, but was super healthy. I highly recommend it if you live near a Nekter.

  • Chocolate Dream Smoothie (vanilla cashew milk, cacao, carob, dates, avocado and agave nectar blended with ice)

What Jacqueline Ate Wednesday: Her first acai bowl!! Gotta capture the moment.

Afternoon Snacks

  • A big bowl of oats!

  • Gingerade Kombucha


Another crazy concoction! It was a sautéed mixture of scallops and veggies thrown into some pasta— yum yum yum!

I first threw some minced onions (4 tsp) and frozen scallops on a pan (over medium-high heat). While the frozen scallops began to cook, I boiled some sweet potato pasta. After a few minutes, I added the veggies to the pan (mushrooms, green beans, tomatoes) and sprinkled it with Mrs. Dash and red pepper flakes. Once the pasta was finished, I mixed the veggie/scallop sauté with the pasta and wallah!

It made an out of the norm (but yummy) dinner! I’ve forgotten how much I love sautéed veggies…

PM Snacks

Mom used the green beans that I hadn’t cooked and made some Parmesan green bean “fries.” They were too good to pass up, so I ended up snacking on them (I devoured about half of the pan).

  • Parmesan Green Bean “fries” (green beans baked with olive oil and Parmesan cheese)

Of course, I still had my usual Greek Yogurt!!


  • Nonfat Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

I’ve been a bottomless pit ever since my race on Sunday. I can’t even imagine how bad it’s going to be after I start running fulls… 😉

P.S. HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! I would love to celebrate with a nice long run, but I’m currently in break mode. So, make sure to go out and have a good run for me 🙂

How about you?

  • Do you ever get weird cravings?
  • Salsa and avocado in the morning: yay or nay?
  • Runners: are you super hungry in the days after your races?

9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #3

  1. I have weird cravings ALL the time and I’m not ashamed of them! Those green bean fries look amazing! I’ll have to try them! I’ve been addicted to the Alexia Sweet Potato fries ever since my friend’s party. They’re frozen but they’re SO addicting!

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