Now what?

I just had an amazing race and an amazing weekend. I’ll remember Sunday’s run for the rest of my life! But, now what? Here’s what’s next in the TeelFit world.

First and foremost, recovery. And much needed recovery. I got out of the car on Sunday night and nearly fell over. Tip: never run a half marathon and then drive for 6 hours. I had no choice since I had to get home for school, but holy soreness!!

My recovery plan:

Roll it Out

That massage stick and foam roller are coming in handy.


I’m catching those zzz’s and allowing my muscles to rebuild.


Haven’t taken an ice bath since the race, but it definitely wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Take it easy!!

I’m going to keep the exercise nice and light this week. The only exercises on schedule are some recovery walks and core work. I won’t return to BodyPump until Friday (I can’t even imagine doing a squat right now!)

You know I love my state park walks!

Okay, but what about after that? As you already know, I’ll be taking an extended break from running. This month, the running shoes are going in the closet so I can direct my focus on a few other things. That is, after I can finally walk up the stairs again 🙂

Becoming a BodyPump Instructor

Training is just over a week away! All of my energy until then will be put towards correcting my form and perfecting my two assigned tracks– chest and back (Les Mills assigns trainees two BodyPump tracks to memorize and present at the training).

After the training, I will be required to film and send in a video of me teaching an entire BodyPump class. Once I get that taken care of, I’ll receive feedback on whether or not I’m ready! If so, it’ll be time to start looking for places to teach!!

I cannot express to you how pumped I am to learn from the best and become the greatest  instructor I can be. Fitness is (obviously) a strong passion of mine, and I want to effectively share it with others.

Cross Training

Aside from my journey with Les Mills, I’ll be finding ways to exercise other than running. There are so many ways to get out and get active. It’s good to experiment outside of your normal workout routine every once in a while!

Looking forward to my future running experiences 

This break from running will allow me to form some goals and devise a race plan! The only race that’s set in stone is Rock n Roll Las Vegas in November. At the SD expo, there was info for the Surf City Half in February. I’d be interested in signing up! Then there’s my ultimate goal: running my first full marathon in SD next year. Other than that, I may find some other races to squeeze in here and there 😉

Overall, the break is going to allow my mind and body a little rest. I’ve pushed them both to their limits this year! It’s been a journey, and I’m looking forward to another strong year of running and fitness!!

Wow I talked a lot today.

How about you?

  • How often (if ever) do you take extended running breaks?
  • What are some of your goals outside of running?
  • Do you have any race recovery tips?

6 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. I just went back and checked our your race and congrats! That is awesome.

    I take extended running breaks when I find it necessary…normally after goal races like you or when I’m feeling burnt out. I enjoy my time away because I get to hang out more with friends and relax.

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    1. Occasional breaks are great! Gotta let that body and mind rest and rebuild! And it gives me the chance to focus on other parts of life (like catching up with friends!!) 🙂


  2. How long is your running break going to be for.? just this month or longer. either way.. I think it’ll be great for you.!! Rest is good when you’ve pushed your body and mind to the limit.
    Hopefully I wont need to take any breaks soon… I get burnt out and injured easily. And I’m trying to stay careful not to do that now.!
    once again, good job on your race 🙂

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    1. I’m just taking June off..after that I’ll start to build up the mileage again 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be running a half in August, but it’ll be just for fun! You are doing amazing with your mileage! When’s your next race?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A half in August sounds really hot.! Especially in Nevada.! Well if you run it in Nevada. Lol I have a 10k in july.. but idk about it.. not really my focus as much as the half.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh goodness, I’m not crazy enough to run an August race in Vegas (But some people definitely are!! 😉 ) it’ll be another San Diego half. So far I have my mom on board, my dad not so much! I’m working on it though! Haha.

        And that’ll be fun! A 10k should be a piece of cake for you!

        Liked by 1 person

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