13.1 x 4

I can now officially say that I’ve run in 4 half marathons! And this one was just perfect. Perfect weather, perfect atmosphere, perfect results, just perfect.

The wake up call was at 4:30am. I got up, put on my running gear, packed my gu, pinned on my bib, and was ready to run. Go time!

Pre race snack– I stuck with the usuals: Cheerios and a banana. They are light on my stomach and never give me issues during long runs!
We got to the start line about an hour before the gun. It left plenty of time to get situated (aka get in the port-a-pottie line). I got through the line twice! Score! You don’t understand how exciting that is until you’ve run in a few Rock n Roll events.

The gun for the full marathon went off at 6:15, and us half marathoners were up at 6:50! But first, a quick selfie with my Uncle Gregg (he and my cousin ran it with me).

Then we were off! The course was spectacular. The were two or three hills, but nothing too unmanageable. In fact, the big hill was actually a downhill (it was perfectly between miles 10 and 11, right when you start to feel a little like death!) This was the first half that I ran with my phone. I must say, I did enjoy having it! I got to snap some pictures and it made finding my dad much easier afterwards. Plus, I got to listen to BodyPump 94 as I ran! Might as well take the opportunity to memorize the tracks!

I captured this at about mile 12. Meb heads!! My mom said she’s going to get one with my head on it.

The energy down the last stretch was unlike anything else. That final mile FLEW by and the finish line was there before I knew it!

Official time: 1:26:45!!!

The Rock n Roll events always spoil you at the finish. Snacks for days!!

We all ran amazing! Rock n Roll San Diego…check!

After we all regrouped, we agreed that one thing was necessary: FOOD. I was in the mood for some good salmon! Barley Mash in the Gaslamp District did a great job at satisfying that craving.

Then I had to kiss San Diego goodbye. I was very reluctant to do so. A few tears were shed for sure. But, I have a weekend full of memories! And, if all goes as planned, I’ll be back next year to run the full marathon! 

How about you?

  • Enough about me. Tell me the most spectacular thing about your weekend!

6 thoughts on “13.1 x 4

  1. Awesome weekend and race. Great that you had people you knew running as well. Love your time….I just dream about a time like that! I enjoyed reading this….so cool to see you so active so young. Keep it up and keep us informed. Ron

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  2. awe yay.!! Glad everything went absolutely perfect for you.!!
    AWESOME time. geezz that’s like my life time goal. lol
    Congratulations on your 4th Half-Marathon. Glad you had a great time : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!!! I was a couple minutes slower than my Arizona time, but this is my fastest official time! In Arizona there were issues with my tag, it started my time when the first corral left but I was a few corrals back!

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