Diet is such a confusing thing…

It’s amazing how something as simple as eating can get so darn complicated. One study shows that you should eat one thing, another says you shouldn’t. You should eat all nonfat foods. No, you need to eat lots of healthy fats. But you also need plenty of protein. Carbs are good. Carbs are bad. AGGGGHHH!!!!
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Introducing Some Heavy Lifting

I’ve been VERY consistent with my workouts lately. My schedule has consisted of a wonderful balance between BodyPump and cardio. One problem though: I haven’t been doing any sort of heavy lifting. Don’t get me wrong, BodyPump is an AMAZING workout, and a very efficient way to gain lean muscle. But lately I’ve been wanting to build a little bit of mass, and doing only BodyPump isn’t going to cut it.
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How to Eat More Protein (Without All the Sketchy Processed Stuff!!)

When I first started eating clean, I noticed that it was difficult to get plenty of protein naturally. At that time, my favorite post-run snack was still a chocolate protein shake. However, I quickly eliminated this habit after learning the obscene amounts of processing that some protein powders go through. Yeah, I struggled at first with finding clean sources of protein, but it’s really not difficult at all!

Lol. Remember: fat and carbs are just as important, too!!

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