Tips for Traveling Runners!

We’re on the road again! Same destination, different reason. Rock n Roll San Diego, here I come! Runners are funny. Our idea of a vacation is signing up for an out of town race. But, as we’ve already established, runners are a little insane but that’s okay.

Anyways, races can cause enough anxiety without all of the stresses of traveling. Here are some tips to keep the stress low and enjoy your running vacation!

First and foremost, REMEMBER THE RUNNING SHOES!!!

You might hate your life a lil bit if you drive 5 hours to realize your running shoes are still sitting at home.

…and your other running materials.

Don’t leave the Garmin, Gu’s, lucky socks, etc. behind!

Pack your recovery tools.

After sitting in the car for a long time, that massage stick and foam roller will come in handy.

Print your race confirmation.

Don’t be one of those unprepared people at the expo. Avoid the god awful line and have your papers ready!

A road trip “pick me up” is always necessary

Starbucks iced coffee is a must have while traveling.

Pre-plan your meals.

Even though you’re traveling, you are also preparing for a race! Make sure your healthy dining options are already scoped out so you aren’t forced to settle for greasy fast food (no Bueno on that stomach during the race).

I took full advantage of the Panera in Barstow!

Keep Hydrating!

Even if it means a couple of extra stops for a pee break, keep sipping on that water!

Allow yourself plenty of time

We left yesterday so we wouldn’t have to worry about rushing into town for the expo. It saved a ton of stress, and who doesn’t like an extra day in San Diego paradise?

Stay in a hotel that provides free bottles of water!

Our hotel restocks our water bottles– free of charge! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me, especially for a runner that needs to hydrate!

And finally, when you arrive, locate the nearest 7-11 for your snacks.

I required my pre-bed snack of Greek yogurt. 7-11 came to the rescue.

Today will be spent exploring downtown San Diego a little bit and walking around the race expo! Have an amazing Saturday! 🙂
How about you?

  • Any other tips for traveling runners?
  • What are some of your essential racing materials (aka Garmin, Salted Caramel Gu, etc.)?
  • What are you up to this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Tips for Traveling Runners!

  1. You look ready.!! Yay I’m ready to hear all about your amazing experience. Best of wishes on your half marathon tomorrow.!!


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