Friday Top Five 

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Fridays always put me in a fantastic mood. This Friday is especially spectacular because it’s the LAST ONE OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! 4 school days remain!

Since I’m in such an awesome mood, I figured that today would be perfect for some top five lists! Here are some of my top fives from completely random subjects. Enjoy 😉

Top 5 School Potluck Foods

This week has been FILLED with potlucks. We obviously love to celebrate the end of the year  at my school 🙂 Here are my top 5 favorite foods (all health obsessions aside) that have been brought to this year’s potlucks

Will’s potluck eats from yesterday

1. Bagels

This is my default potluck contribution. I mean, who doesn’t love carbs? Plus, I happily take any opportunity to pick up some Einstein’s coffee.

2. Fruit

Perfect for offsetting the abundance of junk. (Pictured above)

3. Homemade Taquitos 

There’s a girl in my journalism class that makes this recipe. Oh my lord. I just can’t resist them.

4. Costco Turkey and Swiss Rollers (Pictured above) 

5. A loaf of French Bread

Yep,  you read that correctly. A girl once brought a loaf of French Bread to a journalism potluck. I didn’t have any complaints whatsoever.

Top 5 Ab Exercises

1. Planks

I love planks because there are so many variations: hovers, side planks, plank jacks, plank walks, and the list goes on!

2. Flutter kicks
Wow do these burn.

3. V-Ups

4. Bicycle crunches.

5. Reverse crunches. 

Top 5 Starbucks Coffee Blends

This is a random one. I’ve made far too many Starbucks trips this week, I can’t get coffee off my mind!

1. French roast.

My all time favorite dark roast. I always get these k-cups!

2. Tribute blend.
3. Sumatra blend

4. Christmas blend.

5. Pike roast.

Top 5 San Diego Spots

I’ll be traveling to America’s Finest City (San Diego) today! Here are some of my favorite food spots around my favorite city.

1. Christine’s Coffee Cart

This is a teeny tiny coffee stand in front of a SD office building. The coffee is amazing and service is phenomenal! Can’t wait to stop by this weekend.

2. Tazza D’oro

One of the best acai bowls I’ve had!

3. Coffee and Art

Another great acai bowl, and awesome atmosphere.

4. Jimbo’s

Jimbos is just like a whole foods, but better (in my opinion). They also sell amazing smoothies and juices!

5. Dragon’s Den Sushi

This was where I had my post race meal after my first half. Let’s just say it was the best post race meal ever. Sushi is just the bomb.

Top 5 Running Quotes

Since I race this weekend, here are some running quotes for motivation 🙂

1. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Prefontaine

2. “Running is a mental sport…and we’re all insane!”

Ain’t that the freaking truth.

3. “If running is difficult, run more.”

4. “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” -John Bingham

5. “Running is like coffee. I’m much nicer after I’ve had one.” 


How about you?

  • Favorite potluck food?
  • Favorite coffee blend?
  • Most inspiring running quote?

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