San Diego Stuff

Aside from getting in super late and not getting to sleep until 6 hours after my bed time, the San Diego trip has been pretty great so far! We haven’t done much exploring (we are here for my sister’s tournament, after all). But,  I’m really enjoying the weather and amazing food.

Yesterday morning started with a BIG hotel breakfast. I love the Embassy Suites, their breakfast buffet is amazing. I went a little overboard. I just couldn’t help myself with the abundance of free food!

I did something very unusual and ran in the afternoon. I waited until we got to the fields (about noon)! There wasn’t really anything exciting about it. My scenery was pretty much a bunch of business complexes. The highlight of the run was not losing my gigantic breakfast–I’m so used to running on an empty stomach 🙂

My “I can’t believe I finished without puking” face

Lunch after the sis’s first game was at Souplantation. It’s the same company as Sweet Tomatoes (which we have in Vegas). I had an amazing time since the restaurant is basically a big salad bar. They even had sweet potatoes! My two favorite things: huge salads and sweet potatoes! Score!

Then it was back to the hotel for about three seconds and then out to her second game. I managed to squeeze in a Starbucks trip somewhere in there.

Her team is doing amazing in the tournament! They won both of their games yesterday! Go Lucy!

The day ended with dinner at a local Italian  restaurant. It was a disaster and a half (imagine 20 some teenage girls all getting together and screaming their heads off). The amazing food distracted me from the madness, thankfully 😉 I ate way too much yet again. And my salad had about five pounds of unhealthy dressing on it. But, vacation only comes once in a while. I’ll be back on track soon 🙂

Today is another day filled with soccer, soccer, more soccer, and some food! Talk to you all later on!

How about you?

  • Do you like hotel breakfasts? (They are on my list of favorite things ever)
  • Do you have trouble running on a full stomach?
  • How do you recover from vacation eating?

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