10 Somewhat Unconventional Ways to Pass Time in the Car

As I was typing this post, I was cramped up in a VW Passat on my way to San Diego. I absolutely love the destination, but wasn’t lovin the car ride. There’s nothing.to.do. How does one entertain themselves while sitting in the car for 5 hours?

1. Sleep

If you don’t have a tough time sleeping in the car, you might as well do so! I mean, I can’t think of a better way to make time pass. Oh how I wish I could sleep during trips. It’s just too uncomfortable!

2. Listen to BodyPump music.

What a perfect opportunity to listen to the new release and memorize the choreography!

3. Plan your workouts.

Fitness geeks: you’ve got nothing better to do! Might as well plan every workout from now until the day you die.

4. Meal plan

Along the same lines as #3, you can plan your meals for the following weeks! That is, if meal planning is your thing.

5. Ponder life

Let’s assume the worst case scenario: your phone is dead and you have no form of entertainment whatsoever. Think about your life and all the goals you want to accomplish. You know all that daydreaming you do at work/school? Now is your chance to do it without getting yelled at by your boss or teacher!

6. Do a road trip scavenger hunt.

I didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw it on Pinterest yesterday. Sounds like a great time killer, though!

7. Eavesdrop

If you’re traveling with others, this could get interesting. When all other methods fail, your fellow travelers may become a prime source of entertainment. Just act like you’re sleeping and you may get some juicy gossip.

8. Look everything up on Fooducate

This is always a fun way to pass time (for health freaks like me, at least 😉 )

9. Find healthy recipes on Pinterest.

Now if only I could find the time to make these recipes…

10. Eat a lot!!!

I LOVE car snacks! SkinnyPop was my best friend yesterday! (Yes I still snacked even though it was 10:00 at night. I have no regrets either.)

Sorry for the late post today. We got in at 2:30 in the morning, so I didn’t even get up until 8:30! What the heck! A lot of San Diego stuff will be coming your way tomorrow 🙂 Have a great Saturday!

How about you?

  • How do you pass time on road trips?
  • Favorite car snacks?
  • Up to anything exciting this weekend?

3 thoughts on “10 Somewhat Unconventional Ways to Pass Time in the Car

  1. That road trip scavanger hunt is brilliant! My phone usually runs out of battery way too soon because of doing all the other things on the list, so that might come handy next time! Have a great time in San Diego!

    Liked by 1 person

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