Thursday Thoughts

On this week’s round of Thursday Thoughts: Why Runners Refuse to Run Easy (Even when they know they should). I am SO GUILTY OF DOING THIS!!! I always tell myself I’m going to keep the pace slow on my easy runs. Yeah, this lasts a solid 3 minutes and then I naturally start to pick it up.

RunHaven outlined the top ten reasons that runners don’t take it easy on their easy days. These are all so true, only runners would understand!

I can especially relate to these ones:

I don’t have much time, so I had better hurry and get my run in.

I do all of my running before school. Although I get up really early to allow myself plenty of time, I always end up rushing! I think it’s because I like to have a lot of time to eat and drink my coffee before I have to head to school. So really, it’s unnecessary rushing. I’ve gotta stop doing this!

If I can run faster on my easy days, that shows I am in good shape.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less how slow my running looks to other people. I have nothing to prove to other runners. But, for some reason I feel that the faster I run on my easy days, the better shape I’m in. It’s kind of a mental thing. But, the slower I run, the better I’ll recover. And I have to realize THAT is what’s going to make me fit!

I am not sore from my workout/race yesterday, so I can go faster and it won’t do any harm.

Even if I feel good, I gotta be sure to give my body adequate rest! Rest is what makes us stronger.

I am the worst at not practicing what I preach. After I talked about easy running way back in The Easy Day Dilemna, I made a huge effort to slow my pace during necessary runs. This lasted about a week, and then I fell into my old ways. This RunHaven article reminded me how important it is! I promise this time, I’ll try reaalllyyy really hard not to revert back to running too fast.

Here are some other Thursday Thoughts:

Not having to be at the school until later—> perfect opportunity go to Bodypump and refuel with pancakes.

 CXWorx burns real nice.

Panera Bread salads will forever have my heart.

Can’t do the olives though. Nope nope nope ew gross.

There’s ten school days left. O.M.G.

 How about you?

  • Are you bad at practicing what you preach?
  • Olives: Yay or nay?
  • What are some of your Thursday Thoughts?

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