Stop “Just”-ifying and Saturday Stuff

Are you guilty of using self limiting words or phrases like “just” or “only” when talking about your accomplishments? “I only ran 5 miles today.” “I’m just a half marathoner.” I know I use these words now and then. But we’ve got to stop it!!

Why do we always put ourselves down? We are our own worst enemies! Whatever we set out to do, we always tend to take little pride in our accomplishments. Nothing’s ever good enough. Let’s stop this madness and start being proud of all our achievements, big and small!

Here are some common “just”-ifyers and why they are ridiculous:

“I only ran _____ miles today”

Well, you ran _____ more miles than 90% of the population. Be proud of that!!

“I’m just a [insert race here]-er”

If you run in races (no matter the distance) I personally believe you are a stud. Running ain’t an easy task! The fact that you are spending your weekend running in a race rather than sitting at home shows your determination! Give yourself some credit, we aren’t all half marathon and marathon type!

“I only run at a ______ minute pace”

But, you’re out there running and that’s all that matters. Pace is unimportant, it’s the effort that counts.

And, my favorite, “I’m too young/old.”

Age is simply a number and should not keep you from chasing your goals! This goes for running and non running goals. You’re never too young or too old to go after them! Look at me! I’m 17 and training to become a BodyPump instructor, something most 17 year olds wouldn’t even consider. But that doesn’t hold me back!

Stop using these “just”-ifyers. After all, you are JUST amazing 🙂

Some stuff from today:

This morning was the last double digit run on schedule before my half! Two weeks from tomorrow!!!

Post-run selfie: this is called the “tough runner face”


The BodyPump Instructor Handbook was made available online! I love reading through and learning all about the program.

We made a trip to Downtown Summerlin for the farmers market. You can’t go to Downtown Summerlin without stopping by Nekter. Acai Bowls aren’t the only delicious items on their menu! I had to try one of their juices.
The farmers market had an organic pasta stand with some amazing sounding flavors. Sweet potato pasta? Yes please! Can’t wait to try it.

And some fresh produce.

I also had to grab some of the yummy salsa before we left!

It made a great topping for my Will’s Famous Turkey Burger Salad 🙂

Have an amazing Saturday!

How about you?

  • Do you ever “just”-ify your accomplishments? (If you do, stop that!!)
  • Favorite juice ingredients?
  • Do you have a good farmers market where you live?

3 thoughts on “Stop “Just”-ifying and Saturday Stuff

  1. I say “just” or “only” or “never” all the time. Especially with other blogs, I’ll say, I’ve never ran a marathon though. But I’m still a runner 🙂 running is awesome like that, because it’s for all levels.
    no good farmers market where I live, but Portland does have an amazing one.!!
    your half marathon is so soon.!! taper time


  2. OMG I do that all the time. Because I never run really long distances but read a lot of blogs of people who run marathons and compared to that me running seems nut even running! But I do it for fun so it’s okay I guess 🙂 Anyways, fingers crossed for your half marathon!! xx

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