Life in Pictures Link Up #3

It’s time for another #LIPlinkup!

Just to refresh your memory, the idea of the #LIPlinkup (created by Linda from is to create a post with mostly pictures and as little text as possible. It’s basically a description of what’s been going on throughout my day/week purely through photos! It helps to gain publicity for the blog while discovering new ones as well!

Will’s life this week:

We made this chicken fajita recipe again the other night. 

Tastes like it’s fresh out of a Mexican restaurant kitchen (but much healthier!)

I just love chasing the sunrise 🙂

I begged my math teacher for a waffle party. I’m full of great ideas.

I happily engulfed two. Refined carbs topped with some healthy carbs make the tastiest meals.

My teacher even told me when and where to buy the waffle maker: Black Friday at Kohls. $10 for a waffle maker = perfect idea for my dorm room in two years 🙂 

Comedy in AP Lang after the deathly test.  Gotta enjoy this gorgeous weather while it lasts! AWWWH. (Notice how I stayed far away to avoid being attacked)

Perfect snack: butternut squash and my new favorite Kombucha flavor (Strawberry Serenity!)

And a thought for the day!

How about you? 

  • What’s your meat preference for fajitas? (Chicken, steak, shrimp?)
  • Favorite waffle/pancake toppings?
  • Who’s your favorite comedian?

One thought on “Life in Pictures Link Up #3

  1. 1. I love the idea of being stronger than my excuses! I needed to hear that. In fact, I’m saving it to my instagram. Thank you!

    2. A WAFFLE PARTY?! Your math teach is beyond cool, I can’t believe they said yes.

    3. Is Khols only in the states? I could use prices like those …

    Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again at the #LIPlinkup party in two weeks. 🙂


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