More Mother’s Day Stuff and Don’t Let a Cold Stop You!

Last night we went out to celebrate the wonderful moms in my life. Words cannot describe how much I love my mom! She didn’t much appreciate the sweaty selfie on yesterday’s post, so here’s our nice and cleaned up selfie πŸ˜‰

My mom requested Macayo’s for dinner. Correction: I requested Macayo’s for dinner, and luckily it sounded good to her too! My post long run cravings were reaallllyyy screaming for some good Mexican food.

Their fiesta salad was delicious. And what’s a trip to a Mexican restaurant without chips and salsa? Macayo’s provides endless bowls of tortilla chips. I had a few or five hundred of them.

Once we got home, the long run hunger struck again (as it does every 5 minutes). A random bowl of greek yogurt, cheerios, sliced apples, and blueberries did the trick πŸ™‚

Before changing topics, I have to show you an awesome picture from this morning’s walk. I saw a coyote and it was the coolest thing! I’ve been seeing them a lot around here lately. And, they don’t bother you as long as you don’t bother them!

Now let’s talk about staying illness free. My sister is currently sick as a dog, so I will be following all of these tips!

Believe it or not, runners are more prone to catching colds than non runners. While moderate exercise does help the immune system, long distance running temporarily hampers it. So, we have to take extra precautions to keep the colds away:

Manage that stress

Stress contributes to a weakening of the immune system! Try to keep it to a minimum!

Catch some zzz’s

Good sleep restores the body and improves your immunity protection. Tell your iPhone and TV goodnight and get to bed earlier!

Eat your yams

Or any healthy food. I just love yams because they are delicious and filled with vitamins πŸ™‚

I am determined to not catch the cold that’s going around! Too much awesome stuff going on in the near future to be stuck sick at home!

Last week’s workouts:

  • Monday: Rest (walk)
  • Tuesday: 6 mi run, BodyPump
  • Wednesday: 4 mi run, 30 min HIIT class, CxWorx
  • Thursday: 8 mi run
  • Friday: 5 mi run, BodyPump, CxWorx
  • Saturday: BodyPump
  • Sunday: 12 mi run

Total Mileage: 35 miles

How about you?

  • What’s your favorite restaurant appetizer? (Chips and dip, breadsticks, salad?)
  • What’s your workout today?
  • Tell me something fun you have going on this week!

2 thoughts on “More Mother’s Day Stuff and Don’t Let a Cold Stop You!

  1. I love chips and salsa at a restaurant.! but I always eat too much when they offer an appetizer, and than I’m like double full. lol
    and coyotes scare me.!! I can hear them in the mornings howling in the country roads.
    No workout for me today πŸ™‚ Rest day.!


    1. I ate far too many chips last night, but have no regrets, lol! πŸ™‚

      Today is my rest day too. I miss running so much on these days. We’ll make it through together!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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