What I Eat Wednesday

I am guilty of being the most boring eater on the face of the earth.

The above picture probably seems like déjà vu. Don’t worry, you’re not tripping. I’ve posted my breakfast many times before and I literally eat the same thing almost every day. A breakfast of eggs, Ezekiel toast, a banana, and almond butter never fails on health (or taste!) 🙂

I’ve developed a food plan that works well for me, and I stick very close to it every day. Although it’s fun to switch it up every once in a while, I find it easier to eat similar meals on a day to day basis. One, it saves time, and two, it assures me that I’m getting all of my nutrients and balanced macros! (I use MyFitnessPal to track all this).

So, here is a typical day of eating for me:


I usually stick to the meal above. It provides protein and healthy fats from the eggs and almond butter, and carbs from the Ezekiel bread and banana! You might be wondering what the heck Ezekiel bread is. Basically, it’s bread that’s made with grains and legumes (no flour or added sugar). There’s no preservatives, so I freeze it to make it last longer. It’s the healthiest bread you can get, and makes some delicious toast!

AM Snack:

I’ve developed an eating schedule at school. It is very specific and I don’t venture away from it. Weird? Perhaps. We all have our strange qualities 😉 Anyways, at 9:15 I eat my almonds. Then, at about ten, I eat my apple and cheerios. (Cheerios for the iron. Runners need lots of it).


Lunch is always chicken or leftovers. My typical sides include butternut squash (yum), broccoli, and applesauce. I eat lighter at lunch to save my appetite for the food marathon that follows when I get home.

PM Snack:

This is when the grazing begins. My excuse is that I have to refuel from a grueling day at school and fuel for the gym. I take it very seriously 😉 Here are a few of the large variety of snacks that fill my afternoons.


A common dinner is salmon/turkey burger patty/chicken (protein), a yam with almond butter (carbs and fats), and spinach salad (vegetables). I have this for dinner 99.9% of the time, and I never get sick of it. Ever.

PM Snack:

My pre-bed snack is yogurt with blueberries and any other healthy stuff I can find to get enough calories that day!

As I mentioned before, I use MyFitnessPal to track my nutrients and calories. A lot of people are against calorie counting, and rightfully so (many people eat too few calories when counting). But, I do it to make sure I eat enough calories with all of the activity I do. This past summer, I had problems with eating too few calories. But, that’s a different discussion for a different day!

So, there you have it. Will’s never fluctuating menu 🙂 It’s not absolutely perfect, but it works for me!

How about you?

  • Do you eat the same things each day or do you vary your foods?
  • Are you a snacker?
  • Tracking calories: yes or no?

8 thoughts on “What I Eat Wednesday

  1. Yes, yes and yes!
    – My lunch varies, but around that my meals are usually pretty much the same – at least very similar to each other.
    – As I dislike eating big meals, snacking is a necessity!
    – I also use MFP to ensure I’m within a healthy range for my – varying – levels of activity. Most of the time this means I try to make sure I’m actually eating enough, so I see where you’re coming from! 🙂

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  2. I like how you’ve broken it down and eat almost the same thing everyday. I want to get to a place like that.! I snack wayy too much at night time. oops. but I’m definitely the same way as you, I worry about getting enough calories and nutrients. we’re active people.! we need more naturally
    I don’t track calories though because I get too caught up in the numbers than.

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  3. I do eat the same things every day! Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, nut butters, seasonal fruit, etc.! Your meals look a lot like mine actually 🙂
    Literally, everyday my snack is Greek yogurt Greek yogurt Greek yogurt, sometimes with peanut butter! But it never gets old!
    As for calorie counting I prefer macros but don’t do either on a regular basis. Once a month or so I check to see if I’m eating enough nutrients and re-adjust my eating if I’m not!


  4. I eat pretty much the same things every day – lots of oatmeal, eggs, bananas, almond butter, salmon, quinoa, sweet potatoes, fruits and roasted vegetables. Never get sick of it!
    Not really. I prefer three meals a day, but when I’m hungry between meals, say, 4:00, I’ll go for some fruit. If I need a bigger snack before a workout or library session, I’ll have toast or a banana smeared with nut butter. Yummy!
    I kind of track my calories in my head and approximate them. I know I usually have 400-500 for breakfast, 400 at lunch and 400-500 at dinner. Macros are fun to calculate too, but definitely not on a daily basis for me. 🙂


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