Yesterday, I was reading Hungry Runner Girl’s blog and she was talking about her post run routine. I find it so funny how us runners develop very specific routines that we follow after each and every run. And God forbid that routine be changed!! We’ll have a panic attack! Runners are funny that way 🙂

My routine includes some injury prevention exercises and stretching. At least three times a week, I do plyometric drills to strengthen the ankles and shins (I posted them on Sunday Run-day). Then, I go through this stretching routine!

1. Hip flexor stretch.

2. Hamstring stretch.

IMG_11453. Another hamstring stretch. My hamstrings get so tight!
 4. Calf stretch

5. Flamingos!  

It is so important to stretch after you run. Stretching helps prevent injury and soreness! However, never stretch before you warm up your legs! Also be sure to get food in you within 30 minutes of finishing your run/workout. This is something I never have a problem with. Here’s my “FOOD” face! 🙂


Some other Saturday stuff:

My distance running friends ran in the regional meet today! Qualifying into this meet is no easy task. You have to run a mile in under five minutes! They all ran extremely strong today and powered through the heat! (Our team is wearing the red uniforms).

All that sitting in the stands doing nothing made me tired 😉 I couldn’t help but stop by Nekter Juice Bar for a cold treat while I did some homework! Yes, this is my third weekend in a row eating the same acai bowl. No regrets. It is THAT good. Go try one right now and you will agree. 

I noticed that there was a farmer’s market going on. Apparently, Downtown Summerlin has one every Saturday! I had to check it out. Farmer’s markets are kinda my thing. It’s a bunch of food in the same location. What’s not to love?One of the stands was giving out free salsa samples. Don’t mind if I do!

It was some pretty awesome salsa. Delicious, homemade, and all natural! I picked out some pico to take home. You can order it on their website or pick some up at Whole Foods!Then I ran into one of my favorite people ever, Jesse. He is a close family friend who does motivational speaking for a living. This guy is so inspirational and awesome! Who knew I would get a little pep talk just making a trip to Downtown Summerlin? 🙂

Now I’m just trying to stay cool! It’s hot out there!
 How about you?

  • What’s your post run routine?
  • Do you like farmer’s markets?
  • How do you keep cool in the scorching weather?

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