I’m a disaster and a half

I may be book smart, but when it comes to some other things, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. This morning’s fiasco was a perfect example of that unique quality of mine.

Yep, I totally misplaced two sets of car keys. How, you might ask? Who knows. Only I could manage to do such a thing.

So, the morning of the ACT was spent frantically searching the house for either set of keys, which I have yet to find. I’m hoping they show up soon! **Sigh**

Okay, the ACT:

Just like the SAT, I started the morning with a run. It woke me up and got the blood pumping for my test! After breakfast, I gathered all of my supplies (snacks are most important!), unsuccessfully looked for my keys, and headed out!

Mom had to drive me to school. It was like freshmen year all over again. Neither of us were very pleased 🙂 Then it was time to become Amish for 5 hours! I couldn’t even wear my Fitbit!!

Overall, the test was okay. I don’t think I did as well on it than I did on the SAT. Many of the sections were really time consuming so I ended up having to guess on a few questions before I ran out of time.

I do like the breaks on the ACT more than the SAT ones, though. We had one 15 minute break after sections 1 and 2, and then a 5 minute break after 3 and 4. I liked the longer break much more than the random 5 minute breaks on the SAT. I actually had time to eat my snacks!

I guess we’ll see! My scores will be back within 8 weeks. I’ll let you guys know once I get them!

After walking home (again, life sucks without car keys) I refueled my test-exhausted body with a ginormous chicken salad.

And then shifted on to even more exciting things….US History textbook reading!!

We are now at the marathon point of the school year though. 26 days left! I’ll just take it a mile at a time!!

I’m headed off to de-stress with some BodyPump with the sis! I hope everyone had a fiasco-free Tuesday!

UPDATE: My mom and I have located both sets of keys. The Toyota keys were in one of my dresser drawers (not sure why) and the Dodge keys were in the center console of the Toyota. I wasn’t lying to you, I’m a disaster and a half!

How about you?

  • Are you bad about misplacing things?
  • Are you book smart or street smart?
  • Do you prefer to run before or after school/work?

4 thoughts on “I’m a disaster and a half

  1. hahah. good job on the keys. Yea I’m the same way. Good thing I have my husband to take care of those things. or I would have to walk to work. lol
    and awesome about the ACT, best of wishes, I’m sure you did awesome.!! 🙂
    I don’t think I’m any smart.. umm a little of both.? I used to be good at school, well when I tried..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha!! It’ll be scary when I’m on my own and there’s nobody’s there to help me find my keys 🙂 and I’m trying very hard to finish high school strong! It can get so stressful sometimes, though!!

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