Sometimes We Need a Little Break…And That’s Okay!!

I slept in this morning…

Well, at least that’s considered sleeping in for me!

After last night’s workout, I was feeling all sorts of worn out. This week left me beat, both physically and mentally! 5 days chalk full of school work and exercises definitely takes its toll on your body. I decided I was long overdue for a little mental break from the gym.

So, instead of rushing out the door to go to Saturday morning workout classes, I got some extra sleep! My body much appreciated it.

Sometimes, we all get a little overly ambitious when planning our workouts. We think we are unstoppable and try to fit in much as we can. In reality, this habit only leads to mental burnout.

Every once in a while, unexpected breaks are totally necessary!  They are a way to let your mind and body recover, and help to avoid burnout.

You really know it’s time to take a breather when:

  1. You’re cranky
  2. Your workouts aren’t fun anymore.
  3. You’re overly fatigued or sore all the time.

I am typically extremely motivated when it comes to workouts. So, when I am really not feeling like going to the gym, I know it’s time for a little break since that never happens! The most important thing is to listen to your body! 

I still got some amazing activity in today! My Aunt Jean and I had been talking about going on a good hike for a while now. Today, we finally went through with our plans!

I powered up with some Kodiak Cakes first. Topped with some almond butter and blueberries, these pancakes were soooo good!


The hike was absolutely gorgeous. It was my first time hiking in Red Rock since forever ago.

We got a little bit lost and confused at one point, but found our way back to the correct trail in no time. The minor “hiccup” gave us a fun adventure and a few extra steps, though! 🙂 

16,541 steps later, we made it to the car!!

We worked up a pretty big appetite from all of those steps! I introduced her to the wonderful world of acai bowls. Here is documentation of Aunt Jean’s FIRST ACAI BOWL EVER! (From my favorite place, Nekter Juice Bar)

She loved it! We still had bottomless pit stomachs, though, so we met my uncle and little cousin at Islands for lunch! Round two of the refueling sesh was a delicious Mahi Mahi bowl!!
Which I quickly devoured. Every. Last. Bite.

It was a pretty awesome Saturday! Now I’m off to my sister’s weekly game and then I have to jump into my homework situation! Thank goodness for 28 school days left! 

How about you?

  • Do you ever get overly ambitious in your workout schedule?
  • What is considered sleeping in for you?
  • What are you up to the rest of the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Need a Little Break…And That’s Okay!!

  1. That’s sleeping in for me also.! lol. once in a rare moon I get to sleep in till 8. but since I work everyday except for Saturday, and Sunday’s are always my long run.. no time to really sleep in.
    Well that’s good that you are able to recognize when your body and mind is getting tired.! You’re a busy guy.. rest and mental refuel is always good.!
    Sounds like a great weekend for you.! I’m still at work, but as soon as I’m done I’m going on an afternoon run, and I like never do that, so it should be interesting.

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