Thursday Things

This Thursday morning started out with a beautiful 8 miler. It was great until….

I ran straight into a fire hydrant. Ouch. I don’t know about you, but I tend to zone out when I run. Now I have a nice little bump! Maybe I should be more aware of my surroundings. 🙂

Before school I had a “30 days left of school” celebration and picked up an iced coffee from Starbucks. It’s my little taste of summer!!!
School was actually pretty chill today! We did an awesome lab in my physics class.

First, we boiled water inside of Coke cans. Then, we picked up the can with tongs and turned it over into a bucket of room temperature water. The can crumpled up! It has something to do with pressure or whatever. All I know is that it was cool 🙂

After school, my former photography teacher was teaching BodyPump to the dance team and she invited me to join them. This is where the day gets interesting!

I walked in and mentioned how I had memorized release 93 from going to the class so much. Then, she asked if I wanted to help lead the class!! I wasn’t full out teaching, but I got my first experience standing up front and helping guide a BodyPump class!! It was SO cool!!

Gotta work on my cues, but I felt I did pretty good for my first time. Plus, I had an amazing instructor by my side to clean up any mess I created 🙂 I’ll have the neat opportunity of practicing my teaching with the dance team as I prepare to film my certification video over summer! Yet another reason I CANNOT wait until training!!!!!

Then I went home and enjoyed some SkinnyPop. Sweaty SkinnyPop selfie!

I hope your Thursday was amazing too!!

How about you?

  • Ever zone out while you run? (It’s a bad habit of mine)
  • What are some cool science experiments you’ve done in school?
  • Are you a fan of popcorn? What kind?

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