Sentence Per Picture Sunday

This is the final week of 12 mile runs, I’m bumping it up to 14 next week!Β Post long run breakfasts always taste heavenly.

Is it just me or is this slightly excessive?

This week’s acai bowl stop is Nekter Juice Bar in Downtown Summerlin.

Holy Acai Bowl, it was amazing and the service was phenomenal.

When target puts out the patio stuff, you know summer’s on its way!!

It’s no coincidence that long run day posts contain a lot of food.

The new LVAC opens next month, but they are currently open for tours and I can’t wait for it to open because it is awesome! (Had to do a run on sentence to fit all my thoughts πŸ˜‰ )

Good luck to all Boston runners tomorrow!

How about you?

  • Describe your Sunday in one sentence.
  • Anyone else have a bottomless pit stomach on long run days?
  • What’s one of your big running goals? (Mine is to run in Boston some day!)

4 thoughts on “Sentence Per Picture Sunday

  1. I am definitely a bottomless pit on long run days. If I try to not eat everything in sight, I am then starving the next day. If I get better about eating before my run and right after, I think that will help me with the rest of the day. We’ll see!

    One of my running goals is to also run Boston. I just need to shave some time off my marathon and qualify!

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  2. haha the truck. Come to rural Oregon, everyone’s truck is like that. umm yea, very excessive.
    My Sunday : Much needed.!! My weekends are never long enough when I work 6 days a week. pooey. but I enjoyed my sunday very much πŸ™‚
    One of my big running goals, like biggest running goal is to run a sub 1:20 half marathon. That would just make me the happiest person ever. Hopefully someday πŸ™‚

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