Gym Rat Saturday

I was quite the gym rat this morning! I got some amazing workouts in. My three sushi rolls from last night made for great workout fuel 🙂

First, I headed out to 6 am BodyPump. They don’t offer a Saturday morning BP at my usual club, so I drove to one that’s a little bit farther. Early morning is my favorite time to do BodyPump because you don’t have to fight over spots or equipment. Things can get heated in that group fitness room!

Then I drove to my usual LVAC for cycling and CxWorx! There are so many studies about how cycling makes a great cross training exercise for runners. (Check out this article for more). Experts say that you really shouldn’t run more than 5 times a week due to the stress it puts on your joints. Since cycling is a low impact sport, it’s a perfect exercise to include on days you don’t run. Plus it burns major calories!!

After the gym I was STARVING!! I headed to Juice n Go for an acai bowl! I’ve been on an acai bowl kick lately. They’re just so delicious and healthy! I’m on the hunt for the best one in town.

It was pretty good, but the one from Acai to the T has it beat! Next stop for my Acai Bowl hunt will be Nekter Juice Bar in Downtown Summerlin!

Later on, my dad and I went on a little hike. This week we strayed from the usual Mary Jane Falls trail and tried out Trail Canyon. It was pretty steep and tough, but was a ton of fun! The more challenging the better! 🙂


My mom and sis ditched us for dinner, so we went to one of our favorite places: Olive Garden! Minestrone soup, tilapia, shrimp, and broccoli make for an amazing dinner. (I also splurged and had a breadstick. It was my little reward for today’s workouts) 😉 Olive Garden never fails me.


Then it was back home for some homework and down time! 38 more school days until I’m stress free!!!!

How about you?

  • What was your Saturday workout?
  • Is there a food you are just obsessed with right now?
  • Any fun plans for the rest of the weekend?

5 thoughts on “Gym Rat Saturday

  1. My Saturday workout was circuit training on the strength/conditioning machines at the Skyview Y. I was able to do this while working the fitness floor. A friend gave me a bag of ground gamp seed. I have been using this on my oatmeal and even in my smoothies. They satisfy my craving for nuts which can be expensive. On this beautiful Sunday (my only day off) I am going to clean the house and enjoy the sunshine.


    1. Circuit training is one of my favorite types of workouts. They are effective and burn a lot of calories!

      I love hemp seeds! I got a free sample packet at a race expo and tried it on my salad. I didn’t expect them to have such a nutty flavor, they’re really good!

      I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! The weather is perfect, I plan on spending some time outside 🙂


  2. I love Olive Garden too.!! Don’t go there nearly enough though.
    Great job on your workouts.! I’ve never tried cycling before as a cross training. but I’ve heard great things about it.!


    1. My first spin class I totally thought it would be easy since I’m a runner…WRONG. I walked out of there breathless and drenched in sweat. It was tough but that’s what makes it great! It works your muscles in a totally different way!

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