Friday Things

TGIF right? Today was full of good times to kick off the weekend!

First, the morning started with an earthquake drill at school. We got to hang out under the tables for a few minutes. Unfortunately I have no pics, but trust me it was a good time.

My journalism class is having a potluck next week (It’s my favorite class. We are allowed to eat and have potlucks all the time! What more could I ask for?) I signed up for muffins! I’m probably going to use this recipe. I’ll be sure not to mention the fact that they are pretty healthy 🙂

 Speaking of sweets, my NHS advisor put me in charge of picking up the cupcakes for induction tonight. It’s probably no coincidence that he sent me. He knows what a health freak I am.

 I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cupcakes in my life (there were 150). Thankfully I didn’t drop them in the parking lot. Nothing says scary like 150 teenagers chasing you for destroying their food!

 Since I am going to be the president of the Honors Society next year, I had quite a few speaking parts in the ceremony tonight. Aside from a couple of mini panic attacks and almost passing out on stage, I felt that I did very well 🙂

 It was an awesome night with some awesome people! I love being part of the NHS!

 We had to get a picture with our favorite teacher. We love you Mrs. Hiller!

 And, of course, selfies are an important part of every occasion. This is Jacqueline, she is the homie.

 A family friend of mine was willing to guest speak at the induction. His name is Jesse Ferrel. He was absolutely AMAZING and super inspirational! His success in life motivates me to be the best person I can be!

 My family took him and his wife out for dinner. I gasped when they suggested sushi. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!

 So that was pretty much my Friday!  I’m off to bed early so I can get up and workout in the morning! 6am Bodypump? I think yes!

How about you?

  • Do you have any healthy (and delicious) dessert recipes? Please share 🙂
  • Are you good at public speaking or do you despise it? (I am typically okay with 60 or less people. After that I get a little light headed!)
  • Best thing about your Friday?

Check out Jesse Ferrel’s Website @

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